Her Sacrifice

He laid there on the smooth cool marble
A mortal sacrifice to her desire.
Her fingers… whispered their intentions
On his skin…worn and weathered.
He tried to block the sound of his heartbeat
Just to hear Her breathe.
She leaned over in the darkness,
Wild tendrils teasing, tickling…touching.
He needed her to taste him, to devour
All he to offer… all that he was.
But She made him wait…She made him burn,
She made him suffer in anticipation.
He wanted to touch Her,
But the restraints bit into his flesh.
Her scent caressed him, covering him
In longing, he struggled against the want.
But it was too much; he wanted to be taken,
To be absorbed, to be consumed by Her.
She was power and pleasure, paradise and pain.
Her soft warm lips parted…
She kissed him and in an instant, he was undone.
He knew he had to be…would always be…Hers…
Her sacrifice.

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