He was all static and noise
Complicated by moments of absolute clarity.
Somewhere between what he thought and what he felt.
Words twisted and bent,
Rocketing from his mouth unpredictable and dangerous,
Firecrackers in a barrel.
He willed his character, his life, to shape-shift,
Consumed by the desire to morph into anything, anyone else.
He was Janus, hell masked by the face of heaven.
He wanted to be great and glorious,
but he was Bellerophon on Pegasus.
He was caged, trapped, lost in an internal labyrinth.
He would have been easy to ignore easy
If it were not for his dalliances with wit and charm…
And unsurpassed cleverness
He was desperate to be loved and there were those
Desperate to love him,
But they could not find their way to one another.

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