The Abyss

She sat perched on the edge of the abyss.
She cried out but no one would hear her.
How she longed to plunge into the darkness,
She doubted anyone would even miss her.
She tried to remember what was good,
but at the moment she could not recall.
She reeked of his intentions, used and manipulated.
Bitter tears, like acid, streamed down her face,
eating away the kindness that had once rested there.
Weeping she clutched and tore at her chest
trying to tear her very heart from its bony cage.
She was densely saturated with sorrow.
She did not have the courage of Job to wait it out.
There was no mantle of favor resting on her shoulders.
She was empty. Her light…weak and feeble.
There was no one left to see what was beautiful about her.
…..and so she lept.

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