The Traveler

He tipped his head back and saw brilliance en masse,
Black velvet and diamonds.
It made him feel so insignificant and small,
A tiny traveler clutching his map of the unknown.
Worry, anger, disappointment, and fear
Creased his brow, crinkled his mouth and crumpled his heart.
If he could only mount the back of Pegasus
And ride fast and free over the Milky Way.
Climbing past Orion and Sirius on the heels of Lepus,
Past anguishing Cassiopeia and Cepheus…
Rising over chained Andromeda, clinging to an ocean cliff.
And her hero, Perseus… his saving sword in hand.
He yearned to get away and leave it all behind,
Shrugging off the commitments and conventions
That bound him to his fretful and fitful life.
He breathed deeply… and deeply again,
Letting the night sky swallow him.

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