The Hand of Hypnos

Dawn crept up and covered her with dewy kisses.
Hypnos caressed her pale and perfect skin,
Brushing star-dust from her hair with unseen fingers.
Night was reluctant to unhand her to the Day,
He worshipped and adored her.
Bliss infused Tranquility had gently bathed her by Moon’s light
Desire kissed her, staining her lips crimson,
While Intention perfumed her with passion.
Thanatos dared to yearn for her and take her for his own,
He watched jealously from a distance.
She was etheral and elegant.
Time visited occasionally,
But was kind and left her unmarked and unmarred.
They were drawn to her, sentinels of her life.
Waking, she stretched and yawned……and smiled,
Rising from where she lay.

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