Fury coursed his veins, swelling… pulsing, pumping…
Demons of rage dug into him making him bleed contempt.
Resentment unyieldingly and savagely devoured his sleep.
He clenched his fists, daring anyone to come his way.
He wanted to fight, destroy, rampage… to kill.
Never has malevolence such had a champion.
Choking… foul venom disgorged from his dry lips
He had been hurt, scorned and as he began to unravel
Revenge whispered in his ear attempting to seduce him.
Bitterness slowly smiled and sunk its barbaric teeth into him.
It licked…and masticated…and feasted on his animosity,
Growing fat on the parasitic malice that had taken root in him.
They emptied him of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.
Bête noire grimaced with nauseating pleasure and strung him up.
Anathema snatched the strings and made him her nefarious puppet.
They clapped their hands in odious glee as they watched him dance
….and dance…..and dance….


Author: Lea

Whether it's fine dining on discourse or nibbling on morsels of delectable villanelles, I appreciate good company, good wine, and a stunning backdrop. I am a mom, tiny houser, vegetarian (flirting with veganism), and a minimalist. I'm a wild woman in a mad world and an explorer of the unexpected.

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