Wherein lies the motive?
Wherein lies the gain?
Because your flesh is restive,
And your spirit is in pain?
You can’t impose your fear,
Your worries or your heartache.
Come… bend my listening ear,
I’ll feel your stinging heartbreak.
I’ll touch your mind with balm,
Salve for anxious judgment,
And summon soothing calm,
Deflating all your torment.
Where is there to run,
To hide or not be seen?
Believe me, it can be done,
To be liked…..kindness unforeseen.


Author: Lea

Whether it's fine dining on discourse or nibbling on morsels of delectable villanelles, I appreciate good company, good wine, and a stunning backdrop. I am a mom, tiny houser, vegetarian (flirting with veganism), and a minimalist. I'm a wild woman in a mad world and an explorer of the unexpected.

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