#1 Saved From The Ad Assassin’s Hit List

Finally! An insurance company with an ad worthy of viewing. Farmers Insurance took the funny and clever route in advertising and it paid off. Kick the Box to the curb, give the General his marching orders, tell Flo to take her Name Your Price Gun home and get out of the way for advertising done right. Hear about real claims that are stranger and funnier than fiction. Whether it is a Swing Set Standoff or a Stag Pool Party, it’s refreshing to hear that you aren’t the only one weird things happen to. Farmers knows how to captivate your interest and make you wait until the next commercial to stalk the fridge. J.K. Simmons is likable and seemingly a trustworthy representative. Nice work Farmers, resisting the temptation to have a buffoon as the face of your insurance company. J.K. Simmons is a smart choice. Clearly, your advertising firm has their head on straight!
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