#2 Ad Assassin Hit List

Hormel, which dumbass told you this was a great commercial? You actually paid for an advertising team to put this together? Were they high? I am having difficulty envisioning you all huddled around the boardroom table exclaiming, “Yes! Perfect! This is exactly what we were going for!” Again, you PAID for this? I don’t know which is worse, the terrible song Alex Meixner bangs out on his one-man band set or the extra special cartoon enhancements. Alex, you are a Grammy-nominated musician and producer, why? Why would you lower yourself to the bottom of the barrel? Is this your take on Weird Al? If you were trying to bring Polka back, this was an epic fail. But I don’t blame you Alex, I blame Hormel. They pulled the trigger on this ad and now…so am I.
Hormel, I now imagine that your pepperoni is as tasteless as your advertising choice.
Here is another on my Hit List.

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