Hutton Hotel, Nashville

Hutton Hotel is centrally located in Nashville, 0.3 miles from Vanderbilt University and 0.6 miles from Music Row. This upscale boutique hotel is eco-conscious and boasts it has zero incandescent lights. It also has electric-car charging stations.

There are 247 rooms and suites. I appreciate the eco-friendliness of this hotel, and I am down with the granite bathrooms and rainfall showers. The rooms are clean, quiet and I had a stellar view. It’s trying hard to look swanky. The price isn’t too bad considering what you might

I get it, they are trying to sell a life-style here and have spent a wad on renovations. However, the lobby used to be charming with lovely artwork displayed. With the new renovations, it has lost some of its uniqueness. They have also torn down the wall between the lobby and the bar/restaurant. While that makes it much more open, it also makes it a lot less private and quiet. You are now pretty much having a drink in the middle of the lobby. The bar has a small wine list, a handful of beers and both house and classic cocktails.

Nashville has become a foodie hub, and the restaurant has made a stab at trying to appeal to them. The former restaurant was called the 1808 Grille, after the address of the hotel. It had a terrific menu. The 1808 Grille has now become the West End Kitchen & Bar, and the jury is still out. The menu is very limited at about eleven entrees. The food is eclectic, with things like BBQ Octopus, Rabbit, and Crispy Carolina Rice. It bills itself as “inventive cuisine inspired by traditional Southern ingredients.” I would say the new restaurant is good and probably are still working through the kinks, but I kind of miss the 1808 Grille.

The spa is embarrassingly small with two small rooms and all of the charm and space of a dentist’s waiting room. Hopefully, they are doing something about it as this hotel undergoes renovations. The fitness room is equally charming.

Hutton Hotel has 13,600 square feet of space consisting of a conference center and meeting rooms. I can attest that the conference manager and team are the smiling faces of southern charm.

1808 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203 | 615.340.9333 | The Hutton Hotel

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