Eating Nashville

Who doesn’t like Nashville? It has great music and a great food scene! Foodies have found a new Mecca. Recently Condé Nast Traveler stated this about Nashville: “There’s enough going on food-wise to warrant a trip solely for eating”. Nashville’s innovative spirit has worked its way into the kitchens. Even Food & Wine recognizes the “booming Music City food scene,”  and Food Arts Magazine said the “emerging culinary scene putting Nashville on the gastronomic radar”. So let’s take a look at a few restaurants I took for a spin.

the Farm House
The Farm House is south of Broadway in the heart of downtown Nashville and can be a little hard to find. Chef-owner Trey Cioccia’s has created a cozy and relaxed dining room to show off his locally sourced menu. We weren’t there for Sunday brunch but we have heard about his famous rabbit sausage benedict with fried egg and fried green tomato. His bar is one of a handful of all-American bars in the United States. I have an appreciation for that.

We started with the cornbread and would advise you to do so also. We had a couple of orders of pigs ears for those guys unafraid. I stuck to the Roasted Beets salad and man was it good!

For entrees, one had the pork chop seared in duck fat and grilled. She said it was “heavenly”. I had a bite of hers and I can’t argue there.

Three had the shrimp and grits (with the andouille) for a southern experience with a side of cornbread. The shrimp and grits were amazing and it was the best andouille we had ever had…ever.

I had the pappardelle pasta with ricotta, fall squash and sweet potato, rosemary, brown butter, walnut. If you could have seen my eyes roll back in my head with pleasure, you would have ordered it too. I don’t know if they had me at pasta, ricotta, squash or sweet potato. All of my favorite things in one dish!

The last in our party had the roasted chicken breast with smoked maitake, spaghetti squash, pumpkin seed pesto, tomato confit. Hello! PUMPKIN SEED PESTO!

Oh, and what is the Southern experience without collard greens sauteed in beer, maple, and onions? We didn’t want to find out so we ate them.

Yeah, this gang of 6 is coming back. It makes my List. Make reservations.

210 Almond Street | 615 (522-0691) |the Farm House

The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden

It’s loud, it’s crowded and it is clearly popular. The Pharmacy has a delicious selection of burgers & sausages. It also has an old-time soda fountain & outdoor seating/beer garden.

We got a little testy waiting. Honestly, we debated whether or not to ditch our reservation as the wait was approaching the ridiculous. But as it came highly recommended, we waited it out. I think it was worth the wait.

Of the Wurstchen, we recommend the Jagerwurst, and for the adventuresome, the Currywurst. While different from one other, they both have that lovely snap when you bite in, exploding flavors and juiciness galore. They were topped with kraut and & horseradish mustard

First up is the Stroganoff Burger. C’mon! Mushroom stroganoff bechamel, sour cream, caramelized onions and swiss cheese.

I had an amazing falafel burger. It’s a house-made chickpea patty with yogurt raita, goat cheese, tomato, and onion. It’ll probably be the best falafel burger you’ll ever have. They actually have a black bean burger for the vegetarian who wants options (but I didn’t try it).

If fish is your thing, you won’t be disappointed by the Daily Grind Fish Burger. It’s salmon, arugula, tomato and Tabasco aioli.

For those not in danger of a heart attack, there is the Farm Burger.  It is a burger, country ham, applewood smoked bacon, egg, and maple mustard.
We washed our grub down with an assortment of phosphates, Sprecher root beer, and fountain sodas. My personal favorite is the root beer.

My answer to the long wait…drink more beer. Go to the beer garden and drink more beer. All 6 diners voted for the Pharmacy to make Lea’s List of Deliciousness.

31 Mcferrin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206 | (615) 712-95177 | The Pharmacy

Whiskey Kitchen
Think warm, woody tavern, a pub if you will, with an impressive collection of whiskeys. Fodors calls it “America’s Best Whiskey Bar.” It’s “pub grub” with a southern flair. The menu has everything from Tennessee whiskey yam fries to baked chipotle mac & cheese to Philly cheese steam buns. I’ll be straight up, I didn’t try the Philly cheese steam buns because I am scared of Cheese Whiz.

We started with the Blue Ribbon Pub Cheese or fried white cheese curds. They are so good it makes you feel sorry for all those lactose intolerators.

We also had the Tennessee Cuban, a sandwich with ham, pulled pork, Tennessee beer mustard, swiss, and dill pickles. It was tender, juicy, and savory. All the things you expect in a Cuban sandwich, done well.

The Dublin Pub Fish and Chips were delicious golden brown. Beautiful pieces of battered beer cod. The chef has his own tartar sauce, none of the bottled stuff. I have been to Dublin and this pretty much hit the mark.

And last, but not least, The Southerner. This is biscuits and grave on steroids. It centers around a giant quarter pound biscuit, peppered bacon gravy, cheddar cheese, topped w/fried egg. As if it weren’t enough, fried chicken was picked as the side. Yeah, my friend had to be thrown up over my shoulder and burped after this. Had a wheel-barrow to the car been offered he would have taken Whiskey Kitchen up on it.

All 3 of us had dishes that made the List. FYI, Whiskey Kitchen does not take reservations.

118 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203 | (615) 254-3029 | Whiskey Kitchen

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