Let Your Legacy be Kindness

We live in an angry world where it’s easy to be unkind,
Where cursing is our status quo, and the children do not mind.
We bully, persecute, and beat the weak into submission,
Like domination is our duty and our daily mission.
We’ll hustle and threaten or undermine and sabotage,
Applying social pressure in a viral YouTube montage.
We posture and conflate our egos with jealousy and hate,
‘Til the other one is hopeless and their dreams retreat, abate.
We are selfish and short-sighted, and we don’t make time to care,
Because the character that’s needed is barely even there.
And when you’re finished berating, casting caustic words, your say,
What do you have to show for it, at the closing of each day?

It’s long past time to stand up and change this ugly world around,
Use our mouths for good, something so encouragingly profound.
Kindness costs us nothing, yet the empowerment is so vast,
Like ripples in a pond after a skipping stone’s been cast.
Let your legacy be the things that you have done for good,
And not because we are forced to… but because we know we should.
No more sex crimes, no violence, no more doling out oppression,
Causing someone else’s battle with darkening depression.
Be kind, be courageous, be compassionate, and upstanding,
Be courteous, be helpful, be grateful and understanding.
Life’s hard and in a single instant, something could change for you,
In every faith, the Golden Rule is worthy to pursue.

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