Yummy Vegan Pesto

Here is a vegan pesto that is a game changer! It’s super easy takes minutes to make and tastes delicious. The nutritional yeast adds cheesy flavor so you won’t even miss the real thing. This favorite of ours is popular with guests and they don’t even realize it’s vegan!


2 C Basil leaves, tightly packed fresh
1/2 C extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 C pine nuts (or walnuts)
3 tbsp nutritional yeast
1 large clove of garlic
1 tbsp lemon juice

Sea salt and freshly ground pepper


Using the S blade, pulse basil, nuts, and garlic in the food processor. Slowly drizzle in half of the olive oil. Add the lemon, nutritional yeast, a little salt, and pepper. Pulse again drizzling the rest of the olive oil in. Your pesto should be coarse but not chunky.

This is perfect for sandwich spreads, pasta, bruschetta, gnocchi, stuffed mushrooms, and pizza sauce! Spread it on fresh heirloom tomatoes and top with vegan mozzarella.

20180202_162838.jpgOr try this pesto salad with your new pesto!

Your bag of favorite salad mix
2 avocados diced
1 can chickpeas (mashed)
vegan basil pesto to taste
1 cucumber seeded and diced
some diced red onion

Combine and enjoy. For a burst of freshness, squeeze a wedge of lemon over the salad before serving.

Hint: Mix the pesto and the chickpeas together, then add to your salad. The pesto is better distributed this way. It’s so good! Enjoy!



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