Dream. Discover. Explore.

Was there ever something you really wanted to try or accomplish, but then you somehow managed to talk yourself out of it? Maybe you wanted to climb Machu Picchu or learn how to paint. Perhaps you wanted to travel the world or start a community garden. However grand or small your desires are, life is filled with opportunities. If you are waiting for the perfect moment to try something, the perfect moment will never come. It is possible to be too cautious, and as a result, you end up watching those opportunities pass you by. Sometimes we just need that little extra push to go for it.

Travel-The-World.jpgDare to dream. No one wants to look back on their life and regret the opportunities they didn’t take. Taking a calculated risk is what separates the people who accomplish their dreams from the people who don’t.

You can work at a job you dislike because it is safe or stay in a relationship with someone you don’t love just because it is easier. Or, you can take a chance. Go for your dream job and ditch the bad relationship. Pursue the things you want in life. No one wants to settle for a mediocre life simply because they are afraid of taking a risk. Most successful people take a risk.

Sure change forces us to face our fears. But you are strong enough to overcome. Be brave and courageous. Your life is waiting for you to get your head in the game. Thomas Edison failed to create the light bulb 10,000 times before he succeeded! But it only took once to become one the most famous, life-changing inventors of all time. You’ll never know if what you can do if you don’t take a chance on your dreams.

Are there downsides to risk? Sure. That’s why it’s called risk. Risk implies things might not meet our expectations. The unknown can be fearful. We mull over worst case scenarios. But we give too much weight to the possibility of something bad happening. Human nature tends to focus on catastrophes and disassociate it from real probability. Think about the people who have anxiety over dying in a plane crash.  The odds are they are worrying for nothing. I am not saying go base jumping unless you have prepared for the task. But if that is something you have always wanted to do, then do your homework and train for it.

self discovery.jpgDare to discover yourself. Adventuring can help us discover parts of ourselves that were previously hidden. Taking chances can teach us a lot about ourselves, and humans are resilient. The more comfortable you are with exploring new abilities within yourself, the more aware you will become of your potential. The more you succeed in those areas, the more confident you will grow in your abilities.

Life has a way of changing us. We take fewer risks as we get older. Most people do get wiser the older they get, so put that wisdom to use. While risk means change, chasing a dream is an opportunity to learn and grow after we have become stagnant in our lives. 

never stop exploring.jpgDare to explore new opportunities. New opportunities present themselves every day.  What would happen if you chased that dream? Will you always be wondering what would’ve happened if you had taken the leap? Will you regret it if you don’t? When a life-changing opportunity comes up, go for it! There is a great big world out there. It’s never too late to do the thing you’ve always wanted. You never know when you will find your real purpose.


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