Want a Free Vacation Abroad?

What could be better than taking that free vacation in some exotic country, Bali perhaps? There are programs out there to help you do such a thing. There are backpacker hostels, sailing boats, organic farms, B&Bs and lodges that invite volunteers to stay with them in exchange for food and short-term accommodations.

For as little as three or four hours of volunteer work a day, you can have accommodations, unlimited meals, and even laundry service, depending on the location and arrangement. Tasks and hours of volunteer work vary from place to place. The work could be anything from working on the farm, hosting guests at a hotel, or teaching English.

Here are three sites to help you plan your next “free” vacation.

bali bnb.jpgHelperX Register for the Free or Premier membership. Volunteers must upgrade to Premier membership to take complete advantage of everything HelpX has to offer. The Premier membership costs 20 Euros for 2 years. As a Premier member, the volunteer has access to host contacts and can read their reviews. Premier volunteers can browse the HelperX website and contact hosts directly regarding arrangements to stay.

organic farm.jpgWWOOF  WWOOF links volunteers with organic farmers to promote cultural and educational experiences. It is a monetary-free exchange between growers and volunteers. Both work together to build a sustainable, global community. As a WWOOFer you will live in a community with your host, helping with daily chores and experiencing life as an organic farmer.

WATGA Tours2014.jpgHFholidays
  One of Europe’s leading walking holiday companies are looking for volunteers to guide their tours. Volunteers are provided with full board accommodations, travel expenses, a weekly allowance, training and the opportunity to explore Europe.

These holidays might not suit everyone, but if you are foot-loose and fancy-free, you can see some fantastic places for a super budget-friendly price.

Where would you like to go?

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