While You Wait

There are plenty of times we are waiting for 15 minutes or more. Sometimes we are stuck waiting at the airport for a flight or waiting for our luggage. Sometimes it’s waiting at the dentist’s or in the car for kids to get out of practice. Your time doesn’t have to go to waste.  Here are 29 things to do to put your wait time to good use. Just make sure if you are in public and doing anything with a sound you are courteous enough to wear your headphones.

  1. Write in your journal. Whether you have a gratitude, bullet, or quick journal, take the time to jot a few things down.
  2. Write an email. Catch up on work or personal emails.
  3. Write a love note. Write a couple of notes to tuck into your kids’ lunches or spouse’s pocket, just to let them know you were thinking about them.
  4. Write a list. Do you need to make a shopping list, a list of errands, or things you need to get done this week or weekend?
  5. Update your phone. Protect your phone from the latest viruses.
  6. Organize the apps on your phone. Delete apps you no longer use.
  7. Organize the photos on your phone. Delete anything out of focus. Sort and organize new folders for your photos.
  8. Update your apps. Get the benefits of updating all of your apps.
  9. Download the Bitmoji app. Make your personalized emoji to amuse your friends
  10. Download Luminosity and play a couple of games for your brain.
  11. Download a game. Play a game you’ve always wanted to try.
  12. Download a puzzle. It’s another way to exercise your brain!
  13. Unsubscribe from pesky emails by going to Unroll.me.
  14. Check out CrimeMapping.com. Have there been any crimes in your neighborhood?
  15. Read or write online reviews. Google always wants to know what you think of your local establishments. For a side-splitting review on Amazon read this one.
  16. Watch babies laughing on YouTube. Their laughter is infectious.
  17. Watch Instant Karma on YouTube. It will kick your gratitude up a notch.
  18. Catch up on your YouTube feeds. Now is an excellent time to catch up on a couple of feeds.
  19. Catch up on the news. Want to know what is happening in the world right now? Go The New York Times and find out.
  20. Check your finances. Check your savings and checking accounts. Make sure you are on track, and there are no surprises.
  21. Catch up a podcast you love. For a fantastic, motivating podcast listen to RichRoll.
  22. Pin. Go to Pinterest and poke around for a new recipe or garden idea.
  23. Start an Instagram for your pet. If you are into cats, here’s my brother’s cat, Berkley. He’s a gorgeous, studly, Siamese cat, with a brand new account. Show him some love.
  24. Make a reservation at a new restaurant. Check out reviews and look over the menu.
  25. Sign up for a class. Is there a class at the library or art center you would like to take?
  26. Learn Something New. Research sign language or the army alphabet and start incorporating them into your life.
  27. Meditate. Download a free app. Take a moment to connect your breathing to your body and mind.
  28. Color. There is a coloring app, but there are often coloring books in office lobbies for kids.
  29. Hydrate. Take a few minutes to catch up on much-needed hydration. We often get so busy we forget to drink the water we have been lugging around all day in our water bottles.

What do you do while you are waiting? Tell me in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post, please don’t forget like and share this post.

5 thoughts on “While You Wait

  1. Reading is also a great option. I have kindle books on my phone so that I always have something to read. You can also listen to audiobooks or podcasts. Just be sure to have headphones while in public.


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