11 Things To Ring in Spring!

Spring is impending, and most of us are ready to chase the winter blues from our houses.
When you suddenly have the urge to hurry spring along a little bit here are eleven ideas to help you out.

  1. Nothing says spring like flowers! Treat yourself to a bundle of daffodils and tulips. You can usually pick them up pretty inexpensively at the store this time of the year. I just picked up a bunch of daffodils from my supermarket for $2.99!

growing bulb.jpg2. Force some bulbs for a burst of fragrance and color. You can grow bulbs in a shallow container and use glass pebbles to secure the bulbs. Add water with a drop of bleach, and they’ll usually bloom just four weeks after “planting.”  If you’re growing your bulbs in a  with pebbles or marbles, the water should only cover the bottom quarter or third of the bulb. Paperwhites and Hyacinths are perfect for the job.

3. Do some Spring cleaning and give the dirty windows a good clean to let in more light. Sometimes the inside of our windows get a film of holiday grime from cooking and candle smoke. If you’ve been collecting things over the winter, start to declutter. Cleaning out things always freshens things up.

bedroom.jpg4. Change the curtains for a more lightweight fabric. Give the heavy drapes a wash and put them away for next winter. Lightweight fabrics give an airiness to your space.

5. When I was a kid, we had a family tradition of rearranging the furniture every spring. Things always look fresher from a new perspective. Maybe you can’t rearrange your furniture, but you can rearrange your decor and accessories to create new vignettes. Bring in pops of color. Hang a new mirror, bouncing light around the space will brighten things up.

6. Add some tiny new succulent plants to a windowsill, they take minimal care and can add life to an otherwise “dead” space.  Or create a miniature fairy garden terrarium for your coffee table or counter.  Easy, adorable fairy gardens will add whimsy to any space. Check here for inspiration.

add yellow.jpg7. Inject some yellow. Yellow is the poster color for spring and lifts our mood. Add touches to your decor, even if it’s just a bouquet of flowers or a pillow.

8. Make a Green Tea Cucumber room freshener.  Add 35 drops of green tea cucumber essential oil to 1/2 c of distilled water and 1/2 c of witch hazel in an 8 oz. spray bottle. It’s a light, refreshing scent that is sure to chase the winter mustiness from any room.

9. Bake or make a new sweet treat. Here are The 25 Most Pinned Easter Recipes from Inspiring Cooks.  Who wouldn’t want to try the “Spring Confetti Bars” or the “Easter Oreo Bark”?

moscow mule.jpg10. Try a basil, ginger, peach cocktail. Add 2 oz of peach vodka to 6 oz of ginger beer into a copper mug. Squeeze a quarter of a fresh lemon into the mug and stir in a couple of basil leaves.

11. Have a tea party. Invite your best girlfriends over and try three or four different teas. Earl Grey, Morrocan Mint, and Rose Congou are three teas to start with. To learn more about tea click here.  Compliment your teas with three or four different kinds of tea sandwiches. For tea sandwich recipes, click here. For simple, but decadent tea cookies, make Vegan Earl Grey & Lavender Tea Cookies with Lemon Drizzle. A tea party is a great way to spend the afternoon and catch up with old and new friends.tea party.jpg

Tell us how you ring in spring in the comments below!
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