Make Your Own Micellar Water!

Recently I was in my Chiropractor’s office thumbing through a beauty magazine, and I read an article on Micellar water. It has become all the rage. I am always a skeptic, but I thought, “Okay, I’ll bite.” I’ll usually try anything once.

Micellar water is soft water with cleansing oil micelles (molecules). The tiny micelles work like magnets, attracting impurities like sebum, oil, and dirt. Micellar water cleans your skin without drying out your skin. It’s an all in one thing. It works to clean, tone, and moisturize your skin. It also works as a make-up remover. You don’t even have to rinse afterward.

I bought a bottle of micellar water and a bag of cotton balls for under $7. I started on a Sunday and used my saturated cotton ball to clean my face morning and night for a week. “Well, huh… not bad,” I thought. My skin did look a little more even and dewier. A month later I was hooked. But I’ve been trying to get away from chemicals on my skin, so I needed to replicate it with natural ingredients.

Micellar water is a combination of three key ingredients: water, an astringent for cleaning, and a humectant to moisturize.

To start, I would need distilled water. Rose water seemed like a no-brainer. You can make your own, but it was just easier for me to buy it. It’s well known for nourishing and supporting the PH of the skin.

Next, I would need an astringent. I have always been a fan of witch hazel. I was using it even before I decided to make my own micellar water. It cleans and tightens without the harshness of alcohol. In keeping with my rose theme, I choose a witch hazel with rose and aloe.

Lastly, I needed the humectant. Vegetable glycerin seemed like a good choice. 100% Pure Vegetable Glycerine has a long shelf life. Pick a natural product derived from Non-GMO plants. This humectant will keep your skin soft and supple.

Directions for a 4oz batch of homemade micellar water:

• 6 tbsp rose water
• 4 tsp (alcohol-free) witch hazel
• 2 tsp vegetable glycerin
• 6 drops almond oil (or other carrier oil)

Micillar water 2.jpg

Add each ingredient to the 4oz dropper bottle.
Shake well before use.

After cleansing the skin, drop some homemade micellar water on a cotton ball and gently wipe it over your face and neck. You won’t need to rinse. Use in the morning and before bed. This doesn’t have any preservatives so make small batches. It lasts a couple of weeks in the fridge.

Your skin will be clean, refreshed, and so soft. This luxurious rose-scented micellar water will give any store bought product a run for its money!

What do you think of Micellar water? Leave your comments below!

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