7 Ways to Save While Traveling

You’ll hardly notice the adjustments, but these nips and tucks in your daily budget can really add up. The savings could make the difference between splurging on play tickets, catching a concert, squeezing in one more attraction or not.

  1. Cash Out Overseas
    Pay attention to where you get your cash. The average ATM foreign transaction fee is about 8% at an ATM, whereas it is about 15% at currency exchange booths. Be careful of stores that advertise they will accept dollars or your purchase could end up costing you 15-20% more. Check with your bank for the most sensible options.

hotelroom.jpg2. Sweet Dreams
Download HotelTonight. The app ferrets out deep discounts on hotels without having to book ahead of time. Check out hotels in commerce centers too. Places like Oslo or Singapore offer significant discounts when traffic is slow. You might be able to get a nice room for half the price.

3. Stay Up To Date
Your passport should be valid 6 months beyond your travel dates. Having your passport expire or being turned away at an entry point because of a passport expiration could cost you big time, in fees, flights and unexpected expenses.

4. Stay For Free
Get a housesitting gig and have a free place to stay. Housesitting can allow you to explore a foreign city and save on lodging. Check into TrustedHousesitter to be matched with homeowners needing their homes and pets looked after. This is a great way to travel worldwide on a budget and get to know some locals, but it does take some planning.

inside train.jpg5. Slash Your Class
In Europe, second-class train tickets cost roughly half of what a first-class ticket costs. Most of the time you will barely notice the difference in comfort. Dial back a notch and enjoy the savings.

6. Ditch the Rental
If you are going to be staying in the city, forget the rental car. Save yourself the cost of fuel and hassle of finding a parking place. However, if you must have a rental car, pick up your rental car as you are about to leave your first big city. Drop it off before you visit your last big city. You’ll save while in the city,  but still have the car when public transportations may not be as available in between destinations. If you do rent a car, think about picking it up in the city. Even though it is convenient to grab your car at the airport, you can pay 20% or more than if you had picked up your car in town.

7. Grab and Go
Plan to eat at least one meal on the go (maybe two). Save money by picking up some crackers, bread, peanut butter, cheese, or fruit at a market. Eat it at the park or back at your hotel room. Make tea or coffee in your reusable go-cup and take it out with you. When it’s empty fill it with water at a drinking fountain, so you don’t have to buy bottled water out.

What are your favorite ways to save while traveling? Let me know in the comments below!

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