Ease Your Trip!

Travel hacks and tips abound. But in case you’ve been hiding under a rock and missed a few, here are 33 “no-brainer” tips what will help ease your journey.

    1. Keep clothes smelling fresh and the bed bugs at bay with a dryer sheet. Stuff them in your packed shoes too.
    2. Pack the heaviest items in the bottom of a suitcase for easier rolling and fewer wrinkles.
    3. Save space by rolling instead of folding clothes.
    4. Discover the life-changing magic of packing cubes. No, really. They are a game changer.
    5. Keep belts in shirt collars to help keep their shape.
    6. Pack blazers inside-out to prevent wrinkles.
    7. Nest bras on top of each other to save space and help keep their shape.
    8. Slip breakables in shoes for extra cushioning, better yet, avoid breakables.
    9. Store Q-tips in an old pill bottle or an old Altoids tin.
    10. Stop toiletries from leaking with plastic wrap between the top of the bottle and the lid.
    11. Separate shoes from clothes with a shower cap. This is great for trail runners.
    12. Pack jewelry in a pill case, the week-long kind.
    13. Keep a book together with a rubber band. It will keep your pages from getting jacked up.
    14. Use a small binder clip to keep headphones from getting tangled.
    15. Store chargers and cords in an eyeglass case.
    16. Use a pill box to store your medication, instead of individual bottles.
    17. Use an expandable quart-sized bag for liquids/gels.
    18. Carry-on on the way there, check your bags on the way home.
    19. If you can’t carry it, don’t bring it. You might have to lug your bags at some point.
    20. Pack light. Leave the bulky, heavy jackets at home unless this is a winter trip.
    21. Avoid paying extra luggage fees by wearing your heaviest clothes and layering up.
    22. Bring no more than three pair of shoes –one sandal, one dress shoe, and one casual.
    23. Get extra Wi-Fi time on the plane by rolling back your computer’s clock.
    24. Take the security line to the left. Lines to the left tend to be shorter.
    25. Watch movies from your phone by turning your sunglasses into a makeshift stand.
    26. Carry your own portable battery charger. This has saved my bacon a number of times.
    27. Be comfortable on long flights by bringing your own slipper socks.
    28. Keep your luggage fastened with zip ties, they’re a lot cheaper to replace than locks.
    29. Give your luggage VIP service by putting a “fragile” tag on your bag.
    30. Sit outside an airline club lounge to get faster Wi-Fi.
    31. Collect hotel toiletries, since they are about 3.4 oz. they meet TSA’s carry-on baggage rule for liquids.
    32. Bring an empty water bottle through security then fill it up at a water fountain.
    33. Spot your luggage quickly by tying bright ribbons on the handle

What are your “no-brainer” tips for traveling? Comment below. Don’t forget to like this post or follow my blog. Happy Trails!

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