2 Hawaiian Adventures You Just Can’t Miss!

Hali’i Falls, Kauai

Deep in the jungle, you’ll find spectacular waterfalls that can only be accessed by hiking through a bamboo forest. Hali’i means “spread out,” which precisely describes this waterfall. If you are lucky, you will have the waterfalls all to yourself. Take a refreshing swim or just bask in the beauty of the falls. Pack a delicious picnic to enjoy at this little hidden oasis.

kauai.pngIf you want even more to do, check out the nearby zipline course. Get schooled about the island’s interesting history and culture. The exclusive outdoor adventure whizzes you through private plantations to the heart of Kauai. Zip along seven ziplines crossing ravines, valleys and gullies. Book your five-hour waterfall zipline adventure through Kauai Backcountry Adventures and make the most of your time at Hali’i Falls.

water tunnel.jpgOld Lihue Plantation, Kauai Hawaii

In January 2003, Kauai Backcountry Adventures opened a section of the ditch and tunnel systems that used to irrigate large sugar crops. Today they are used for exclusive tubing tours. The water system winds through some of the lushest and remote land on the island. It includes stunning views of the mountains and Waialeale Crater. Hop in one of their four-wheel-drive adventure vehicles and explore the former plantation, deep into Kauai’s pristine jungle interior. Then grab a tube, a headlamp, and plunge into the gently flowing canals. Float through several exciting tunnels and flumes only lit by your headlamp. At the end of your grand adventure, you will be lead to a charming picnic area, for lunch and a refreshing dip in one of Hawaii’s natural swimming holes.

What are some adventures you think we shouldn’t miss in Hawaii? Let me know in the comments below!

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