35 Things the Frugal Don’t Buy

    1. Pre-cut/pre-made grocery items – You know you are just paying for convenience. It doesn’t take that much time to do it yourself.
    2. Soda – Let’s call a spade, a spade. There is no redeeming quality in soda. It’s full of sugar and/or chemicals. Skip the soda and make yourself some iced tea.
    3. Bottled water – Use insulated water bottles. Get in the habit of filling them with tea or water and taking them everywhere. Besides, plastic water bottles off-gas in the heat. Read more here.
    4. Fast food – Prepare ahead, so you don’t get caught out without something to eat. Throw a couple of granola bars in the car.
    5. Fancy coffee – Prepare your coffee at home. Use reusable baskets if you have a Keurig. You can often get creamers and syrups on sale.
    6. Paper plates & cups- Unless you are having a big party, a few minutes of washing up, over time can save you money.
    7. Clothing at retail prices – Consider a capsule wardrobe or a “uniform.” If you need to shop, consider consignment stores, thrift stores or pick it up on clearance. Put together a clothing swap with friends. Don’t pay the full retail price for anything unless it is a high-quality investment piece.
    8. Dry cleaning – Don’t buy clothes that require dry cleaning. If you have to wear a suit for work, air it out, spot clean and wear it a number of times before you take it to the cleaners.
    9. Haircuts/color – Switched to low maintenance haircuts. I stopped coloring my hair after I read that coloring your hair puts you at higher risk for breast cancer.
    10. Wrinkle cream – Use coconut oil. It beats any wrinkle cream I have ever used.
    11. Mani/Pedi –YouTube will show you how to do your own and save a ton of money.
    12. Lottery tickets – The odds are never in my favor.
    13. Lawn care – If you are unable to care for your lawn yourself, you might want to reconsider your landscape.
    14. Housekeeper – I am a minimalist, so having fewer things means I have fewer things to clean.
    15. Cleaning supplies – Make your own. Dawn, white vinegar, baking soda, and rubbing alcohol is all you will ever need.
    16. Bathroom wastebasket liners – Use the bags you get from the grocery store or repurpose old dog food bags. Packaging envelopes can be reused to line your basket too.
    17. Dryer sheets – Use white vinegar in the wash or reusable dryer balls.
    18. Newspapers – All the news you need to find is online.
    19. Magazines – Discover Pinterest.
    20. Cable – I don’t even own a TV, but we still watch movies using Netflix at a fraction of the price of cable.
    21. Bank fees – Hit up your bank or credit union for free checking and free savings.
    22. ATM fees – I rarely use cash. I track my spending using my debit card. If I need cash, I will get it when I pay for my groceries.
    23. Credit card interest – If you can’t afford to pay it back before the interest is due, you probably can’t afford the credit card. I use my credit card to get rewards, but I always pay the balance before it is due.
    24. Late fees – Pay attention to due dates. Put in a reminder on your phone. Late fees can add up.
    25. Extended warranties – I used to buy them all the time. I never once used one.
    26. Car payments – Buy a car with cash. You might not have the latest model, but you’ll save by not having to make payments, and the insurance will be less expensive on an older car.
    27. Gifts for your SO   Make her breakfast in bed instead or treat him to a massage at home. There are always special things you can do for your partner rather than buy them something
    28. School pictures – You could probably take better ones! Take them yourself and email them out or share them on your facebook page.
    29. The latest electronics – Don’t get caught up in keeping up with the neighbors. They are probably in debt up to their eyeballs over it anyway.
    30. Memberships – Ditch the ones you aren’t using. If you aren’t actually using your gym membership get rid of it.
    31. Dog groomer – Invest in a good set of dog grooming clippers and learn to do it yourself.
    32. Pet toys – My dog has destroyed every toy she has ever had. We now find her sticks, old tennis balls and even an antler to chew on. I may fish a toy out of a free box at a garage sale now and then but replacing dog toys became too costly. To see what I mean click here.
    33. Pens –Your bank gives them away for free, I am sure of it.
    34. Apps – Use the free apps. If there is a particular app you really want, consider doing surveys for Google Opinion Rewards. For each survey, you do you are paid in Google Play Credit. I pay for apps, music, and movies with my credits when I get them.
    35. Books – The library has a ton of free books. You can even download them to your e-reader. There are also several other places (like Google eBookstore, Project Gutenberg, Open Library, Internet Archive, BookBoon, ManyBooks.net, Free eBooks and LibriVox). Also, check out the little neighborhood library stands or take your friend’s latest cast offs.

What have you given up buying to save money? Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “35 Things the Frugal Don’t Buy

  1. I no longer buy spice blends (like taco seasoning, garam masala, poultry, etc.) It’s so easy to make them yourself. Not only is it less expensive, you don’t end up with a cabinet full of blends you only use once in a while — that then end up becoming old & flavorless.

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