Venice Beach On A Budget

In 1926 the little seaside resort town of Venice merged with Los Angeles. Today Venice is a complex beachfront neighboorhood made up of canals and a two and a half mile promenade that will give any circus a run for its money. Venice is a people watcher’s extravaganza…eclectic and quirky. It’s art playing out on the beach. Artists, poets, musicians, and performers all kinds find their way to this fun and funky town. Explore the beaches, shops, cafes, and bars. Venice even offers gastronomical adventures to foodies. You’ll find everything from five-star fare to all-day breakfasts. So, if you find yourself kicking around Venice Beach here are some things you just can’t miss.

  1. Enjoy Brunch, Vegan Style at Cafe Gratitude. Because Cafe Gratitude is a Venice Beach icon and their food is organic and locally-sourced…and it so good!
  2. Muscle Beach Gym. Because for $10 you can work out (and enjoy all the eye candy you can manage.) 
  3. Muscle Beach Juice Bar. Because after that work out you could use some fresh juice, ginger shots, a protein shake, or smoothy.
  4. Walk the Venice Boardwalk. Because that is where most of the action is. 
  5. Explore the Venice Canals. Because after the spectacle of the Boardwalk you are going to want to enjoy a tranquil stroll across the footbridges and admire the charming gardens and homes.
  6. Venice Skate Park. Because this is a great place to top up your vitamin D by the beach and watch great skate tricks.
  7. Figtree’s Cafe and Grill. Because they were voted Best Restaurant on the Venice Beach Boardwalk and you don’t want to miss out on the crab cakes with mango salsa.
  8. Read the Poetry Walls. Because you don’t read enough poetry and it’s a fun way to enjoy the musings of singers, like Jim Morrison and actors like Viggo Mortensen. They are engraved in the concrete of the LAPD substation and the public restrooms exterior shower walls (just as they should be).
  9. Maui and Sons’ Surf and Skate Shop. Because you can’t go to Venice beach and not go to a surf shop. It’s a Southern California experience.
  10. Black Rose Tattoo. Because you need some new ink and they are pretty famous in the region.
  11. Shop on Abbott Kinney. Because CQ says, it is “the coolest block in America.” It’s a colorful row of boutiques, salons, restaurants, and bars.
  12. Lunch at Lemonade. Because the Soba Thai Breaker Poke Bowl is to live for…and their lemonade is excellent too. 
  13. Eat dessert at SchulziesBecause all they sell is bread pudding. 108 flavors of bread pudding.
  14. High Rooftop Lounge. Because if you are already staying at the Hotel Erwin and feeling fancy, there’s no better place to grab a Day at the Beach cocktail while enjoying the view of  Venice Beach.
  15. Check out the Street Art. Because the graffiti in Venice Beach is just that cool. 
  16. Grab a cup of joe at TOMS Flagship Store. Because your dogs are barking after all that shopping and you can lounge around on one of the chairs on the deck in the back.
  17. Grab some beer and brats at Wurstkuche. Because Wurstkuche is a German and Belgian beer hall serving tasty gourmet sausages, double-fried Belgian fries, and twenty-four imported beers. Try the duck, bacon, rattlesnake or rabbit sausages.
  18. Take a picture of the Venice sign. Because it is a great way to wrap up your trip to Venice. 
  19. What are your favorite things to do in Venice Beach? Let us know in the comments below. Please like and share this post.

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