Top 7 Vegan Travel Snacks

Travelling takes a lot of energy, and vegan options may not always be available. Here are 7 snacks to pack with you to beat back those hunger pains whether you are stuck on a long flight or a long layover. These snacks can offer a boost of energy to help get you through.

Nakd Bars
Both healthy and tasty, Nakd bars are gluten-free, GMO-free, low in saturated fat and made from all natural ingredients. There are heaps of flavors to try like, Rhubarb & Custard, Caffe Mocha, Cocoa Orange, Cashew Cookie, Pecan Pie, Berry Delight, Cocoa Mint, Ginger Bread and Cocoa Delight. They contain 100% natural ingredients with no added sugars or syrups. The bars are also wheat and dairy-free. Nakd bars are mainly made with Dates, cashews, and raisins.

Enlightened Plant Protein Roasted Fava Bean Snack
These roasted fava bean crisp snacks will add a little kick to your day. They are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan & kosher. They also come in five flavors; Sea Salt, Sweet Cinnamon, Sriracha, Mesquite BBQ and Cocoa Dusted. Most are around 100 calories, have 5-7g of protein, 5-6g of fiber, and just 1g of sugar per serving.

Fig Bars
I love Fig Bars, and now you can get them in 7 Flavors: Raspberry, Fig, Mango, Peach Apricot, Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry & Strawberry. I love the fig and apricot. They are non-GMO, cholesterol free, dairy free, Kosher and have 0 grams trans fat. They are the perfect snack between meals. They taste great and are soft, moist, and slightly chewy. They are definitely a step up from the old fig cookies you used to get as a kid.

BodyMe Organic Vegan Protein Bars
Not only do these BodyMe Bars taste indulgent but they’re raw, gluten-free and soy-free. They are full of three types of plant protein (pea protein, sprouted brown rice protein, hemp seed protein), so each bar has 16g of protein containing all 9 essential amino acids. They are one of best vegan travel snacks. Choose Cacao Orange, Cacao Mint or Chia Vanilla. 100% certified organic.

Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Pumpkin Seeds
I love pumpkin seeds. Terrasoul Superfoods Organic offers USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO, raw, gluten-free, pumpkin seeds. These are unsalted and 100% organic. They are an abundant source of zinc and magnesium. Pumpkin seeds are known for their immune-boosting properties (which is great when you are traveling on germy planes)! These seeds can be eaten right out of the bag or soaked, sprouted, seasoned and dehydrated.

Power Up Trail Mix, Mega Omega
This Mega Omega mix is a blend of nuts, fruits, and seeds. Walnuts and almonds provide you with Omega-3 “heart-healthy” fatty acids, while the mango and cranberries are an excellent source of antioxidants. Add the of protein and vitamin B rich pumpkin seeds, and you’ve got yourself a healthy snack.

Louisville Vegan Jerky – Smoked Black Pepper
This vegan jerky is an excellent source of protein with 21 grams. It’s also low fat, gluten free, cholesterol free and trans fat-free. While it is vegan, Pete’s Bourbon Smoked Black Pepper vegan jerky is salty, mild, and robust with just a hint of sweetness, subtly spiced with organic black pepper, nutmeg, garlic, and onion. It’s made in America and non-GMO certified. The jerky is made in small batches, by hand, and with freshly sourced ingredients. It has an artisan quality and delicious texture. There are four other flavors if Smoked Black Pepper isn’t your thing: Smoked Chipotle, Maple Jerky, Maple Bacon Jerky and Smokey Carolina BBQ.

What are your favorite vegan snacks for traveling? Please share with us in the comments below. I would love to know what you are eating!

For your convenience, occasionally you will find affiliate links on this website. This means that when you purchase something through my affiliate link, I may receive some compensation. Purchasing through my links will cost you nothing additional, but I’d appreciate if you did! I do not endorse products I don’t believe in or use…or in this case, eat.


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