Slay Your Next Arrival

Arriving at a new destination can be stressful. Try these 14 tips to reduce the stress of arriving somewhere unfamiliar. The next time you’ll arrive at your destination like a boss and feel like a seasoned traveler.

      1. Arrive in the daytime. It’s the best way to orient yourself to your new area. It’s also safer. More people are around, and you don’t have to fumble around in the dark for directions, tickets or money.
      2. Book your first night’s lodging. For the first night, you should have already booked where you are going to stay. It will give you time to rest up, explore and come up with a game plan without stressing where you are going to lay your head that first night.
      3. Download a map of the area. Give yourself the benefit of knowing where you are in orientation to everything else. It will aid you in feeling less helpless.
      4. Reset your watch. Setting your watch to local time will help you keep track of train, bus or shop hours in an instant, rather than trying to figure it out each time.
      5. Dress appropriately. Don’t be that kind of tourist. Dress appropriately for the culture and climate.
      6. Download the app. Get the exchange rate information for your destination’s currency on your phone. The more informed you are about the local currency, the less likely you will be ripped off.
      7. Bring cash (in the local currency). Until you know how accessible cash is and how easily your credit card can be used, it’s wise to bring local currency to get you through a couple of days.
      8. Refuse stranger’s help with your bags. That kind of help will costs you, often times more than you are willing to pay. You can even have your bags stolen.
      9. Watch your stuff. If you don’t watch your stuff, someone else will.
      10. Be prepared. Have your ticket or money ready. Looking disorganized can leave you vulnerable to pickpockets and scammers.
      11. Buy a sim card at the airport as soon as you arrive. Picking up your sim card at the airport immediately opens up your lines of communication in case you are stranded.
      12. Research restaurants around your lodging before you arrive. Reduce stress by knowing what food is available to you, where, when and at what price.
      13. Check in with family and friends. Whether you call, skype or use your social media, always let someone know you have safely arrived and when you are about to depart.
      14. Stay awake until the local bedtime. Want to get a leg up on jet lag? No matter how tired you are, stay awake until the locals go to bed. It will help reset your internal clock to the local time.

    8 Things to consider when booking accommodations:

        1. What are the reviews? If it has low or no reviews, stay away.
        2. What is the check in and check out time?
        3. Avoid extra fees by arriving and departing on time.
        4. What security features does it offer? Learn where the exits are too.
        5. Are there hidden fees? No one likes surprises.
        6. Does it offer WiFi? Be aware of how much communication access you have.
        7. Is breakfast included? It might help you save money.
        8. Is there a curfew? Yes, some accommodations actually lock up at night and don’t open again until early morning.

What are your best arrival tips? Leave them in the comments below.

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