7 Ways to a Mindful Morning

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Wake naturally. Your morning can set the tone for the whole day. The best scenario is waking to natural light. Resisting the waking light and hitting the snooze alarm can add stress to your day. Dragging ourselves out of bed can leave us feeling unrested and unrefreshed. Those precious moments we resist waking with the morning light can lead to procrastination, running short on time and feeling like you are chasing the day.

yoga-3053488__480.jpgMeditate. Mindfulness without meditation can be a waste of time. Mindful living is rooted in meditation. Clear your anxious mind by taking a seat in a quiet spot and meditating for a few minutes. Meditation slows an overactive brain, and you can be far more productive by spending a few minutes actively engaging in slowing down your mind. Centering yourself in the mornings can help you focus and get the most out of the day. Check out Headspace if you need help with meditating.
Make the Bed. 
Start your day right. Taking a few minutes to make your bed slows you down from starting the morning scrambling around, plus it creates a welcoming retreat to come home to at night.

Pick up Your Room. Pick up the dirty clothes, return the dishes to the kitchen, and throw away the tissues on the nightstand. Take 5-10 minutes to tidy your room before you leave for work. If you end up coming home late or tired, it is one less chore to tackle before bed or push off until the weekend.

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Wash the Dishes. Nobody likes to come home to dirty dishes. Clean, wash and put away the dishes. Cleaning your kitchen and taking personal responsibility for your space can be satisfying and rewarding. It will also save you the embarrassment and stress of a dirty kitchen if someone stops by unexpectedly.

Set a Timer. If you’re easily distracted, set a timer. Limit yourself to 10-15 minutes of undivided attention to the task at hand until the time runs out. You’d be surprised at how much you can get done if you tackle a task mindfully.

breakfast-1804436_1280.jpgListen to Your Body. Eat when you are hungry, not because you have a preconceived idea of when you should be eating. When you are mindful of what you are eating and are adequately nourished, you are more resilient to the stresses of the day. You know how much harder it is to deal with stress in the office if you’re “hangry.” Mindless eating can also cause us to overeat as we aren’t tracking what we are putting in our mouths.

Starting your day mindfully and building good morning habits will benefit you for the rest of the day. You will feel more in control of your time and the day as it advances. What is your mindful morning routine? Please share with us in the comments below.

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