Travel Changes You

Travel changes you. It expands the mind and gives you perspective. It changes your paradigm, encourages growth, and exposes you to a broader viewpoint. If you embrace your experiences you will become the wiser for it. Travel gives us the opportunity to get to know ourselves on a deeper level, teasing out our best and worst qualities and with that, giving us new opportunities to reinvent ourselves. We can change what we don’t like about ourselves, without the fear of judgment from our friends or colleagues.

But travel also changes home. It can either make your more sentimental about where you came from, or it can push you further from the nest. I love to go away, but I love to come home. My brothers and I are fortunate to have parents who encourage our sense of adventure. They patiently scroll through our photos and sit through our tales of other places. They’ll even try whatever new recipe we’ve picked up along the way. They are good sports, and our exuberance is contagious. We take a bit of home to wherever we travel, but we also bring other places back.

If you have a sense of adventure, a longing to explore the world, you cannot travel and not be changed. And in this particular case, the change is almost always good.

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