Budget Travel

If you are on an extreme budget but desperate to travel, you might be able to travel for next to nothing. Here are a few tips to grab a vacation on the cheap!

Air Miles Credit Cards

Many credit cards offer sign-up incentives for new clients. Incentives often include airline miles when you spend a specific amount within a specific time period. The easiest way to earn a bunch of airline miles all at once is to open one of these credit cards. Sign-up bonuses can be anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 miles. Just make sure to read the fine print and pay your bill on time.

Hotel Rewards Programs

Book your hotel room through the Spent Travel App. Users can search from millions of hotels for at a reasonable rate plus get cash back. The user will receive cash back in their spent profile 30 days after they check out. Redeem your cash back through a linked PayPal account.

Dining Reward Programs

Airlines and hotels offer dining program rewards. Dining programs are free to join using your airline or hotel loyalty member number. You can even earn bonus miles or hotel reward points with just signing up for the program itself! Use a combination of rewards cards and dining reward programs to maximize your hotel and travel savings by everyday spending.

Award Stacking

Award stacking is a strategy that lets you travel the world cheaply (for the price of taxes). Book flights for $15-20 bucks per flight. Check out this video from Fly Free Academy.

Travel Blogging

Travel bloggers travel the world for free when we land a sponsored trip or press travel. Bloggers can also make money while traveling by working remotely from our laptop using a variety of monetization strategies on our blogs. I use affiliate marketing, sponsored posting opportunities, and writing freelance articles.

Nix The Luxury

Check out Nomadic Matt’s blog. He has backpacked around the world and writes a very popular travel blog. Take a peek and you just may find a heap of inspiration. Where can you go if you are willing to forgo the luxury resorts?


Sign up for Airbnb and rent out a room in your house or even the whole house? While others are paying to stay at your house, you could be traveling elsewhere. Can you think of anything better than being paid by your rental to go travel?

House Sit

A terrific option to stay someplace for free is to house sit. If you are willing to taking care of someone’s home or pets while on your vacation, check out Trusted Housesitters. They connect travelers and people around the world in need of house/pet sitters.


Volunteer in a work-exchange program such as Workaway. Workaway connects travelers with locals around the world looking for volunteer help. All you have to do is put a little elbow grease into your next vacation in exchange for free meals, lodging, and other accommodations. For more ideas click here.

Join The Peace Corps

Join the Peace Corps and travel the world helping others. The Peace Corps provides each volunteer with housing and a stipend. Upon the completion of 2 years of service, the Peace Corps will provide you with more than $8,000 (pre-tax) to help with transitioning back to normal life.

Take Online Surveys For Miles

Take online surveys for air miles! Go to  e-miles.com. When you sign up and activate your e-miles account, you get 250 free miles to start. You can earn anywhere from 5 miles to 500 miles per completed survey. You can start redeeming your miles once you reach 500 miles.

Organize Group Tours

Organize a trip for a group of your friends or family. If you function as the trip leader, travel operators will often cover your travel costs. The rules vary depending on the company. For example, YMT Vacations will give you a free vacation if you sign up at least 12 people to take a trip with them. French Rivera anyone?

Travel Scholarships

Scholarships and grants are available for those who want to either volunteer, teach or study abroad. Volunteer Forever has a list of 200 currently available scholarships and grants that you can apply for.

To build a budget and more ideas on how to fund your child’s study abroad program check out Bankrate’s guide.

Transport Vehicles

Companies like Autodriveaway ship cars across the country and use regular people like you and me to move their customers’ cars from one place to another. If you are a driver for Autodriveway, you can potentially travel for free and even get paid for it too!

What are your best tips for traveling on the cheap? Share with us in the comments below. Please don’t forget to like this post and subscribe!

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