13 Budget-Friendly​ Countries

Just because you are on a budget, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel the world. Here are 13 countries that are super budget-friendly. All of the countries below offer accommodations under $15 a night and delicious meals can easily be found for under $10. Often times both can be found for single-digit prices. While a few countries might be off the typical beaten path, they are certainly worth considering.


Malawi is a landlocked country in the southeast region of Africa. The average monthly salary is about $30, for an average of $1 a day. Meals cost as little $1, making it possible for the budget traveler to live on $10 a day. Because Malawi is bordered by Tanzania, Zambia, and Mozambique it’s easy to travel to other countries in Africa with similar economies.

agriculture-1822530_1280.jpg2. CAMBODIA

Here you can find a bed for under $3 a night and meals are even cheaper (you can find booze for less than fifty cents!). Cambodia is a backpackers dream. Even if you are up for luxury travel, it’s not hard to find a 5-star villa for a fraction of the price you would usually spend. Cambodia is green and lush with beautiful sandy beaches.


Laos is a Southeast Asian country known for its mountainous terrain, Buddhist monasteries, hill tribe settlements, and French colonial architecture. Rooms can be found for as little as $8 a night. Food is also very inexpensive. Lunch, including a drink, will run you about $6.


You can’t go wrong with breath-taking beaches and welcoming locals. The cost of living is ridiculously low in the Philippines. Coffee is less than a quarter, and a meal can easily be found for under $4. A hostel stay will run you around $10 per person.

oxcart-184621_1280.jpg5. PARAGUAY

Paraguay is often overlooked by travelers. If you are interested in an authentic South American experience, Paraguay may be for you. While there are few tourist attractions, the country is worth seeing. Street food can be purchased for around $3, and a meal at restaurants be had for around $5. Budget travelers will be able to manage on less than $20 a day. If you’re looking to throw down your backpack for a while, one bedroom apartments rent under $250 a month.


Because Venezuela’s economy has suffered over the last few years, prices have dropped. Lodging can be found for $15 or less. A tasty meal at a restaurant costs around $5 with a beer and tip. Domestic flights around the country can cost as little as $20, making it cheap to explore other parts of Venezuela.


Despite its rise in popularity over the last few years, Vietnam is still a super deal for the budget traveler. The country is gorgeous. Backpackers through Vietnam will find they can live on $20 a day, including food, transportation, and lodging. Keep in mind rooms are less expensive in the north than they are the south.

egypt-2267089__480.jpg8. EGYPT

This ancient land is worth seeing and won’t break the bank. For under $25 a day you can visit some fantastic sites. Vegetarian meals can be snatched up for less than $2 per meal and beds are around $5 a night.


The South American country, Bolivia, is a land of dramatic terrain: the Amazon rainforest, Andes mountains, and the Atacama Desert. It also boasts the world’s largest salt lake flats. The cost of eating and sleeping are very affordable. You can probably get by on $25 a day.


Nepal is still rebuilding after the earthquake of 2015, but there is a lot the country has to offer. If you’re on a budget, $20 a day will do. Your meals will cost $2-$3, although beer can cost about the same as in the United States. For those who want to stay a while, a one bedroom apartment can run you as little as $150 a month.

machu-picchu-43387__480.jpg11. PERU

Machu Picchu brings in millions of visitors a year. But the bonus is that Peru is an affordable country. Here you can enjoy a meal for under $7 and lodging for around $20. Overall you can manage on $30-$40 a day.


India should be on everyone’s bucket list. The country is full of extremes. Your travel budget will depend on where you go and what you do. On average, most backpackers get by for around $30-$40 a day. Meals will set you back about $3, while a room might run you $10 at a budget hotel.  


Traveling in Indonesia might cost, on average, around $25-30 per day. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can probably get by on $20 per day. While Bali is very popular, it is still inexpensive. In Bali, you might spend $12 a night and $3-$5 for a meal. However, are a lot of other spectacular islands to take note of, including Lombok and the Gili islands.

Where are your budget-friendly destinations? Please share with us in the comments below!  

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