11 Minimalist Apps

I admit I am an app girl. I love apps that make my life easier. I heavily rely on my phone, particularly when traveling, so apps are essential. Here are 11 minimalist beautiful apps that you might also appreciate. Not only is the esthetic of these apps great, but so is the utility. They can help increase productivity and streamline many areas of your life, including work.

What works for me is a sleek interface, intuitive navigation, and clean typography. It also needs to seamlessly integrate into daily life. These 11 apps (in alphabetical order) fit the bill– beauty, utility, and affordability. Many of them are free!


Acuity Scheduling is an online appointment scheduling app. You can edit, reschedule, edit your availability or cancel appointments. The service integrates with Squarespace which is helpful. You can also accept payments. Clients can view your real-time availability and book their own appointments. Both the website and app design are clean and easy to use.


I love this app! For any type of unit conversion, this is a go-to. Right now it is only available for iOS users. This app is great for currency, temperature, and apparel size conversions. It also has hundreds of other units including speed, mass, length/distance, and cooking. This is a must-have for international travelers!


The app is sophisticated and sleek with a simple stunning interface. I like it so much I am moving from Evernote. You can link notes to each other. You can even use hashtags to organize for the way you think. All notes are stored in portable plain text.


This is an investment app. I first heard about it from The Minimalists. Their approach to long-term investing can help you earn 2.66% more per year than a typical investor. Their technology also helps make it possible by lowering taxes, lowering fees, diversifying your portfolio, and enabling better investor behavior. It’s a win/win for everyone!


Dropbox is awesome. They’ve made it so simple to save files that I almost never use my hard drive. It’s also incredibly easy to share links and folders and making collaboration more efficient.


Google Drive makes it possible to eliminate the need for Microsoft Office suite. Any file that requires real-time editing, even in collaboration with someone else, can be produced in Google Drive. There is instant synchronization across all devices.


This app has attractive visualizations of the temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, sunrise/sunset times, “feels like,” snow accumulation and more, all integrated into a 7 day minute-by-minute minimalist graph.


Headspace is a meditation app with a beautiful interface. Meditation has been shown to lower stress, help with focus and better sleep. Headspace is meditation made simple. This app makes squeezing meditation into your day easier.


This might be the only recipe app that has a minimalist design. I avoid recipe websites because they are cluttered with ads. Kitchen Stories is a recipe and cooking app with easy step-by-step instructions, how to videos, and stunning photography.


This is a quick guided workout for home. Nike packs a lot into this gorgeous app. There are dozens of trainings to choose from based on level, time, equipment, and goal. This is one of the best work out apps available.


I require a white noise to sleep properly. This app is an awesome ambient noise resource. There are a half dozen clean screens with simple icons and subtle colors representing the different high-quality soundtracks. It also allows you to create timers, mix your own sound combinations and fade-outs.

What are your favorite minimalist apps? Share with us in the comments below!

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