Meaningful Gifts

Most American homes have so much more than they need or will ever use. As the holiday season encroaches, consider low impact waste gifts this year.

I know most people would much rather have an experience that creates memories rather than accumulating more stuff.

Gifting experiences don’t have to be expensive, and you can adjust any of the following suggestions below to fit within your budget.

  • Treat someone to a meal
  • background-219668_1280.jpgTreat someone to a concert or festival tickets
  • Treat someone to a night at the movies, including snacks
  • Take someone to a wine bar and order a cheese board
  • Treat someone to a spa day
  • Treat someone to museum passes
  • Treat someone to an aquarium pass
  • Gift someone theme park passes
  • Take someone on a day lake cruise
  • Gift someone a weekend away at a B & B
  • Rent a boat for the day and pack a killer picnic
  • Treat someone to season tickets to a community theatre
  • Take someone ziplining
  • Pay for a hobby class: cooking, foraging, quilting, photography
  • Make a donation in someone’s name
  • Treat someone to a sporting event tickets: football game, baseball, basketball, hockey
  • Make someone a homemade meal and drop it off
  • Bake someone their favorite treats
  • Gift someone some firewood for their firepit, roasting sticks and s’more fixings
  • jam-1106592_1280.jpgTreat someone to a couple of jars of homemade jam
  • Put together a dessert basket with ice cream and all the best toppings
  • Gift cards are always a great option
  • Gift someone a bottle of local wine, honey, olive oil, coffee or spirits
  • Volunteer to help them with a project: cleaning out a garage or building a dog house
  • Volunteer to babysit, dogsit, or housesit
  • Gift someone low impact waste tools: glass jars, reusable produce bags, reusable shopping bags, cloth paper towels, etc.

Groupon is a great resource. You can find everything from salsa lessons to mani/pedis.

Personally. I would take an experience over more stuff any day. But then again, I do live in a tiny house on wheels!

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