Travel Journal​

Travel journals can be a wonderful reminder of our trips. Years later we can open our journals and pour over our notes and mementoes, instantly transporting us back in time. While there are dozens of “how-tos,” on Pinterest, here is a brief list of 50 ideas to add to your journal to help you recall the places you’ve been. When deciding what to add to your journal make sure it is something small and flat to maximize the space in your journal.

  1. Train/Plane/Bus/Metro tickets
  2. Business cards from places you especially like
  3. Museum/Concert/Festival tickets
  4. City Maps
  5. Letters from family and friends
  6. Postal Stamps
  7. Wine Labels
  8. Beer Mats/Napkins
  9. Brochures from sites you visit
  10. Tea bag tabs
  11. Coffee sleeves
  12. Leftover currency
  13. Stickers / Bumper Stickers
  14. Receipts
  15. Itineraries
  16. The city’s official tourism brochure
  17. Weather reports from the local newspaper (always free near metros)
  18. Newspaper headlines/articles in a different language
  19. Pressed Flowers
  20. Photos
  21. Passport stamps
  22. Party invitations
  23. Contact info of new travel friends
  24. travel journal picMenus
  25. Flyers that people hand you
  26. Place stamps (think National Parks)
  27. A coffee or wine stain
  28. Journal entries
  29. Sketches of people/places/things
  30. Places to eat/tips for next time you go
  31. Packing list
  32. Information about ticket prices
  33. Tips from locals
  35. Small poems you’ve written or found, inspired by where you are
  36. A bucket list for the trip
  37. A Collage
  38. “Open When” notes from friends/family who are sending you off
  39. Postcards
  40. Calendars
  41. Autographs
  42. A woven or string bracelet
  43. A bookmark
  44. A pressed coin
  45. A book page
  46. Photo booth strips
  47. A perfume sample you liked
  48. Local recipes
  49. Etchings (i.e. grave stones or raised street names)
  50. A drawing from a street artist

What do you put in your travel journal? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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