Finding Peace in Travel

We live in a world that pulls us in a dozen different directions. Finding peace in our lives can be challenging. Here are some ways that travel can help you find some of that inner peace.


Avoiding Burnout. 

Burnout can happen to anyone. Is there too much pressure to produce results? Traveling can be a time for introspection. Take a look at your work and reaccess life priorities.  What is your potential for doing other things? Travel, especially slow travel, can allow you the time to reflect deeply and come up with a plan to adjust your priorities. Getting out in the world and engaging can help you avoid work burnout. Even if you are only taking a vacation for a couple weeks and returning to the same job, it is a satifying way to recharge the batteries and give you a greater sense of peace when you return.image.png


Life is more peaceful when it’s simple. When you travel, you learn to make do with less. If you carry that idea back home, simplifying your life can ease the stress in it. You might find that you don’t need as much stuff; and owning less stuff means fewer things to manage, maintain and repair. Can you do with less at work? See what you can cut out, not miss and will help reduce your stress load. Reducing your stress load can give you a sense of peace.

image.pngAppreciate the luxuries.  

“Unspoil” yourself. We have become a culture of instant gratification. Because we deny ourselves very little, few things are a treat or special. Doing without can be a good thing sometimes. It can make us appreciate the luxuries we do have so much more. Staying at a hostel for weeks makes you appreciate the luxuries of a hotel on the days you stay there. Making peace with less will undoubtedly help you appreciate more when you do have it.

image.pngTravel makes you grateful.

There are stunning countries all over the world but many are suffering under the weight of poverty. Traveling abroad keeps you humble. It makes us reconsider our first world problems, like the cable TV going out or a store not having our favorite flavor of ice cream. There is no doubt that those who live in gratitude have a greater sense of peace.

image.pngTraveling broadens the mind.

Each country has its own customs, cultures and paradigms. Not only do we learn to be more empathetic when we travel, but we learn to be more compassionate towards others. We have so much to learn from other cultures. Having a greater sense of how the world works can make a significant impact on how we live our lives. When you see families that are separated by war, illness, and poverty, it makes you want to take action where ever you can. You want to contribute in such a way that you leave the world a better place. Doing good in the world will give you a sense of peace.

image.pngTraveling helps you tackle your fear.

You may not be able to conquer your fear but dealing with it can be easier. In the months leading up to the day, I resigned from my job I was wrought with fear and guilt. People “my age” should be settling into a career and riding it out to retirement. But I, like many travelers, are still curious and adventuresome. I wanted to travel more, see more, do more. After much debate and reflection, I decided that nothing is guaranteed. Life is too short to not do the things you really want to do. I seized my fear by the horns and took action in spite of it. I left my job and moved to the Pacific Northwest coast. Doing what I want and living where I want has given me a greater sense of peace. That’s not to say that I don’t think, “Oh my God, what have I done” from time to time, but overall, I love the change. While I still deal with fear from time to time, I am better at managing it.

Invest in your own inner peace. Get out there and travel!


3 thoughts on “Finding Peace in Travel

  1. I myself haven’t found the courage to travel alone so I commend you for doing so. I love how you conceptualised fear in this line “I seized my fear by the horns and took action in spite of it.” I enjoyed reading your work.
    What was the first country you traveled alone?


      1. Probably Korea. I love their culture and I’m a big fan of their dramas. Travelling is definitely the number on my bucket list I’m hoping to achieve this year.


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