Less is More

Unfortunately, instead of enjoying the benefits of owning fewer clothes, most of us are convinced that more options mean a better wardrobe. We even buy seasonal wardrobes to stay on trend. Instead of making us look and feel better we are bogged down and overwhelmed. Instead of getting the most out of our wardrobe we end up wearing the same pieces over and over while the rest of our clothes lay waste at the bottom of the closet.

Maybe it’s time to take a different approach. It’s time to cull your closet and reset your spending habits. Whether you are hoping to minimize your wardrobe or just pare down the excess, here are 4 benefits of owning fewer clothes. You just might be surprised at how liberating it is.

You Spend Less

Instead of browsing or impulsively buying, shop with purpose. Have a hard look at your wardrobe. Replace your favorite pieces that are worn, torn or are the wrong size. Don’t settle for anything that is less than what you really need. Only buying quality pieces and only the pieces you need will save you money. Consider shopping at an upscale thrift store to find quality pieces at bargain prices. I recently bought a pair of brand new 501 jeans for $14.99, normally they run around $70. I have culled the number of jeans I own down to 4. That means I get to wear my favorite jeans every day, no matter which pair I put on. Minimizing your closet just might help you get more out of our wallets!


You Are Less Stressed

Decision fatigue is a real thing. Having too many choices can be paralyzing and overwhelming. Having fewer pieces means I don’t have to stress out over what to wear. It’s far easier to decide among a dozen pieces vs trying to decide amongst dozens of pieces. Now there is more time in the morning to sit down for a cup of tea or do those last minute things before setting off for the day. Minimizing your wardrobe just might help you get more out of your mornings.

image.pngYou Look Good

Owing fewer clothes means you’ve culled your wardrobe down to your favorite pieces. Who doesn’t feel good when you are wearing your favorite clothes? Since you are spending less you can afford to invest in better quality pieces. You don’t have to go out and upgrade your wardrobe immediately. You can simply replace your favorite items with quality ones as the old ones wear out. Stick to items you can mix and match, are easy to care for and fit well. You’ll always look put together and get a ton of mileage out of your wardrobe. Minimizing your closet just might help you look your best without even trying.


You have Less Laundry

Clothes care is so much easier. There is a lot less laundry and I purposely choose clothes are easy to look after. I might have one or two pieces that need extra care but since there are only one or two of them I don’t mind the extra care. Minimizing your wardrobe just might mean you can cut down on the time doing laundry.
I am not telling you what the perfect number of clothing items but if it doesn’t all fit into a single closet, you probably too many. A practical trick to help you part with several clothing items is to face all of the hangers in your closet the wrong way around. As you wear them, turn them around to the correct position. If after 6 months or a year you haven’t turned the hanger back around donate, sell, or dispose of them. If you haven’t worn an item in 6 months or more, you probably aren’t going to and real estate in your closet is too valuable to hang there for months or years, unworn. Minimizing your wardrobe might enable someone less fortunate to look great too.

How could you benefit from owning less? Let me know in the comments below.

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