Acts of Kindness

Forgive Someone (even if you don’t want to)

It’s not easy, and they don’t always deserve it but forgive them anyway.  Don’t do it for them, do it for you. Because bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Call Your Mom

Don’t wait for Mother’s Day or her birthday to give her an unexpected call. Check in and say hi. If you don’t have a mom available call your dad or call a person who was important to you in your formative years.

Get Involved

Don’t waste your rights. Get involved in your community. Participate in the local elections. Volunteer at a shelter. Clean up a park. It’s your community, what are you doing to improve it?

Scrape a Windshield

How nice is it to come out after a storm and find your windshield scraped? Treat someone to a great experience that doesn’t cost you but a little time.

Shovel a Sidewalk

I have been the recipient of a thoughtful neighbor’s gesture. If you have a snow blower or an ATV with a plow, go the extra mile and clear off your neighbor’s sidewalk and driveway. If you are feeling extra generous, do the block!

Mow a Lawn

If you don’t get snow where you live or the snow has melted into spring, mow the neighbor’s lawn. You’ve already got the mower out and ready to go, why not mow his bordering patch of lawn too. Or go the extra mile and mow their entire lawn—especially if your neighbor is elderly, disabled, a single parent, or if one of the parents is deployed.

Invite a Widow to Dinner

It may have been a while since the widow or widower you know has had a good home cooked meal and some great company.

Clean Out the Cupboard

We all have canned goods in our cupboard we don’t use. Why not donate them to your local food bank or a family in need?

Feed Someone

I am sure you have seen someone who could use a hot meal and a little bit a kindness.

Serve Soup

Volunteer at a soup kitchen, it will be some of the most rewarding time you will spend.

Treat Your Local Fire/Police/EMT Station

Let them know how much you appreciate them and the services they provide the community.

Register to Vote

Make a positive change in your community and on a national level. Take a few seconds to visit If you’re not registered, sign up today. Be the changed.

Save a Life

Brush up on your CPR skills with a refresher course from the Red Cross. You never know when you’ll need it!

Give Blood

Blood banks always need a fresh supply of blood. 15 minutes and a needle stick, you could help save a life. If you have a needle phobia or can’t donate blood, you can always volunteer your time at the blood bank.

Be an Organ Donor

Organ donation is the gift that keeps on giving. Sign up to be an organ donor on the National Organ Donor Registry. Don’t forget to discuss your wishes with your family members—it removes the pressure when there is a crisis or emergency.


Genuine smiles are gifts. A pleasant smile and a nod to a passerby is one of the easiest ways to brighten someone’s day. The act of smiling will give you a little boost too.


Let’s be better stewards of the planet. Snip the plastic rings discarded from soda or beer cans. Recycle plastic bags, paper, bottles. Not only is it better for the environment, it also helps minimize injury to animals due to our carelessness.


Use your indicator when turning or merging into traffic. It is a courtesy that many appreciate and takes very little effort.

Comment Kindly

There are plenty of opportunities to leave feed back, whether it is on someone’s blog, a product review or in a chat group. Take the opportunity to lift someone up and leave a nice or helpful comment.

Play a Game

It doesn’t take much to please a kid and all most kids want is a bit of your time. Take some time to play a few rounds of hide and seek, tag, a board game, cards, or have a tea party. That precious time will leave a lasting impression on the kids in your life.

Cull Your Closet

Don’t keep clothing and home goods that you no longer need. Declutter your home, clean your space and donating your gently used items to a local charity. There are a plethora of places that will except your donations including thrift stores, homeless shelters or organizations that help battered women get back on their feet.


Take the time to really listen to how someone is doing. If you know someone in crisis, sometimes all they need it to vent to someone who will listen without advising or trying to fix the situation. Practice your listening skills. Giving your full attention to someone while they speak lets the speaker know you really do care about them.

Make a Love List

We tend to take the people we live with for granted. Make a list of all the things you love about your partner, kids, or parents. Give them the list. Sometimes we all need to be reminded why we are loved.

Give Someone the Benefit of the Doubt

It’s easy to be offended these days. It’s an understandable impulse, but it is so much kinder to not assume the worst about people. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes people act out because they are in crisis, hurt or scared. Maybe they have lost their job, or a loved one. Maybe they are just having a really rotten day. Spread a little kindness by choosing not returning anger with anger. Your one act of kindness might just turn their day around.

Let Someone Merge in Front of You

Let someone merge in front of you. They might not even “deserve” it. But that is what makes it an act of kindness. When was the last time letting someone merge in front of you cost you any serious time on your way to your destination?

Report Kindness to a Manager

When you receive stellar service, tell that employee’s supervisor or manager. We are not nearly as quick to report an employee who has gone the extra mile as we are to lodge a complaint.

Ask For Help

People generally like to be helpful. Ask someone to reach something for you or if they wouldn’t mind holding something for a second. Everyone walks away feeling a little happier.

Load the Dishwasher

Don’t leave the dirty dishes for your partner or roommate. Do your house a kindness but putting dishes in the dishwasher (or washing them)—even if they aren’t yours! If the dishes are already clean put them away.

Leave a Note

Compliment your partner, child or coworker, with a quick note. Encourage them with a few words of kindness or tell them one thing they do really well. It’s an easy way to make someone’s day.

Return Your Shopping Cart

Nothing is more annoying than finding random shopping carts shoved up on curbs, wedged between parked cars, or littered through the parking lot. Return your buggy to the cart corral. Better yet, take the extra steps to walk the cart back to the store.

Handwrite a Thank-You

In today’s digital world, a hand-written note is a rarity. It shows you took the extra time and care. Send a note to an old teacher, colleague, friend, or send a romantic note to your partner.

Offer to Babysit

All parents could use a break. Offer to babysit for some friends who could use a date night or cover for an appointment. Taking your friend’s kids for few hours is a generous act of kindness that can make a difference in the lives of stressed parents.

Thank a Veteran

The next time you see a veteran take a moment to thank them for their service to our country. These days, in our tumultuous political environment, sometimes those that defend or defended us, need to be reminded of how much we appreciate them.

Donate Your Extra Candy

Donate your extra treats to others in need of a little sweetness. Give your extra candies to Operation Gratitude. They send care packages to our troops.

Leave the Extra Coupon

If you collect coupons, leave the extras on the products at the store. It will save someone else a few dollars and make them smile. Who doesn’t like a surprise scavenger hunt where everyone wins?

Give a High Five at The Gym

Everyone feels a little self-conscious at the gym. After all, you’re doing unnatural movements in attention drawing clothing! Encourage someone by giving props for their hard work. Offer a friendly smile, a thumbs up, a helping hand, or a high five.

Offer To Be The Designated Driver

Keep friends and family safe by making sure they make it home after a night out. Volunteer to be the designated driver once in a while.

Pick Up Trash

Bring an extra garbage bag on your next outdoor adventure to pick up trash. It doesn’t cost anything, you improve the environment around you and it makes the planet a nicer place for everyone. On your next stoll to the park, beach or on your next hike pick up a bag full.

Give a stranger a compliment

Give someone a compliment— “You have a beautiful smile,” “You did a great job,” or “I love your haircut”—can make their day. Compliment a child on their good manners! That’s a 2 for 1. It makes the parent and child both feel good. Good parenting should be praised!

Take a Pic

Next time you’re at an event or gathering, or landmark, chances are you’ll spot a group of people trying to take a selfie, or one member of a group taking pictures of everyone else. Offer to take a picture of the group, that way no one is left out.

Hold the Door

Random acts of kindness don’t get much simpler than holding the door. I know I appreciate it when someone does it for me.

Clear the Table

If you’re at a dinner, party, or bbq, don’t just scoop up your own dishes. Collect a few other people’s dishes on your way to the kitchen. Especially if someone else did the cooking. You could also collect napkins, empty cups, bottles and cans and other bits of refuse to ease the host’s clean up.

Thought of You

Send a Bitmoji, joke, picture, meme or text telling someone you are thinking of them or that a particular thing reminded you of them.

Cut Food Waste

We throw out criminal amounts of food every day. Shop wiser, cook less, freeze more, store smarter. Do your part to cut down on food waste.

Pick “Something” Up

The next time you run to the grocery store or drug store, shoot your roommate or partner asking if there’s anything you can pick up for them. If it’s a lot, keep the receipt so they can reimburse you.

Be Kind to Your Mail Carrier

Whether you are a postal carrier or garbage collector cold or rainy days are rough. So when you see them, offer them a cup of hot coffee or tea. Same goes for blistring hot days; keep some cold water or lemonade on hand.

Check in

If someone you know has recently gone through a loss, illness, or is experiencing a little empty nest, check in and ask how they’re doing. Most people reach out immediately but forget to check back after about three weeks or so. A few weeks after an event can be the most difficult. Everyone else returns to their normal lives but the people left behind still need to be encouraged and reminded that you are there for them.

Request a Recipe

If you love someone else’s cooking ask for a recipe! It’s the ultimate compliment, and they’ll be flattered you like it so much.

Treat a New Co-worker

The first day at any new job is hard. If there’s a new employee in your office, ask if they want to have lunch or a coffee. This simple gesture will put them at ease. You can give them the “lay of the land” and they’ll feel less intimidated by their new environment.

Swap Seats

If you’re on a crowded train or plane, and you see a family get on board offer to move so that parents can sit with their kids. They may be too shy to ask, but chances are, they won’t refuse the chance to sit together!

Share your Magazine

If you’ve finished with your magazines or book, leave them on the plane, train, laundromat, or office. You’ll get far more value out of your magazine or book if you share them!

Okay I know that was 51 but who doesn’t love a bonus! What are your favorite acts of kindness? Have you ever been the recipient of an act of kindness? Share with us in the comments below. 

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