Making Walking Fun

This year, as we take inventory of our New Year’s resolutions, many of us have vowed to get more exercise. Of course, you can invest in a gym membership or join a work out group. But some of us are opting just to get out more and walk. If that is your goal, here are a few ideas to make your next stroll a little more enjoyable.

Compliment someone you pass. Who doesn’t like to receive an unexpected compliment? You comment on someone’s smile, scarf or shoes.

Find your “crew.” Walking with a group or a couple of different friends can make your walk more enjoyable and it gives you time to catch up.

Download a book. Don’t have time to read. Download a book on your phone or ipod and tackle two tasks at once. Personally, I dig mysteries and listening to one while I walk passes the time so quickly!

Practice your pitch. If you have a sales pitch, lecture or play you are participating in. It’s the perfect time to practice your presentation.

Eat and Run. Okay not literall. But instead of banging out a meal at one restaurant, pick a lively district of town. Enjoy drinks and appetizers at one restaurant and then walk several blocks to have dinner at another. Finish with coffee and dessert another place you can walk to. You get to check out different places and have a lovely evening stroll.

Take a self-guided walking tour. Head to the nearest city and research self-guided tours. Not only do you get your exercise in but you learn a heap about your city. Whether it’s a historical walk or an art walk, you are sure to learn something interesting.

Set goals. Setting little goals can be fun. Whether your challenge is to walk 10 extra minutes, 10 extra blocks, or even to beat your best time by 10 minutes, adding a challenge can shake up your routine.

How do you like to making walking fun? Let us know in the comments below. Please don’t forget to like or share this post. Thank you!

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