Tourist or Traveler?

Tourists want to see all the sights while travelers are interested in experiencing the local culture, customs and people.

Tourists may try foreign food but only because they have to, while traveler is excited to experience the local food even if they have to spend the next few hours indispose.

Tourists take photos of themselves in front of every famous landmark while the traveler sees the extraordinary in the ordinary world around them.

Tourists seek out familiar American food chains while travelers go lengths not to go to chain restaurants. They want to experience the local food.

Tourists tend to travel in groups while travelers are often found traveling solo or with another person.

Tourists will point to a few words in a phrase book while the traveler will make more of an effort to speak the local language, even if they slaughter it.

Tourists wear​ sweatshirts, pajamas, slippers, flipflops, team jerseys, and baseball caps, while travelers try​ to blend in with the locals to some degree.

Tourists go on vacation and schedule everything while Travelers travel and often leave the itinerary behind.

Which one are you?

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