To Travel

I should like to pack my bags and go
Where wild things are free to live and grow;–
Where beneath the fair cerulean skies
Tropical islands blossom and thrive,
Where watched by geckos and by goats,
Seasoned sailors sail their boats;–
Where in the midday’s blazing sun
Mideastern cities are built to stun,
With suq and mosque and minaret,
The sandy gardens and fountains set,
To wander on China’s Great Wall
Or see Huangguoshu’s Waterfall,
Where rings the temple bell and drum,
Where stringed pipas are plucked and strummed
Where steaming volcanos boil with fire,
Or medieval churches thrust their spiked spires
Where monkeys bang their coconuts
And steal from native hunters’ huts;–
Where the leathery crocodile
Lies in wait in the silty Nile,
Where flaming flamingos fish and fly
Plucking crab and shrimp with a keen eye;–
Where in jungles thick and savage,
Tigers stalk, devour and ravage.
All these things I desire to see,
Go pack your bags and come with me!


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