Making Money While Traveling


If you create beautiful things and want to make a living from it, consider selling it online. There are over a bazillion websites where you can showcase your art designs.

Where sell your art online:

Au Pair

Au Pair positions are a great job if you love kids! Working as an au pair is a way to experience living in a foreign country. Muck like a nanny, you’ll help the family with the children and domestic chores. Au pairs live with the host family and receive free housing, meals and salary.

Where to find Au Pair jobs:


If you love to be the center of attention and have the skills to impress people, this can be an easy way to make a quick buck! Singing, playing an instrument, juggling, or dancing can bring in some dosh. Pick a busy public square or stations to perform. It’s not legal everywhere, so please check the local laws before you perform. 

Create an Online Course

If you have some expert skills and can teach people something useful, becoming an instructor might be for you. Can you play the guitar, speak French or are you especially good at math? Offer consulting or lessons. You can find clients on Craiglist or through a local community center. If you can teach in person, consider giving lessons online. You can create an online course literally from anywhere; you need a laptop, a mic and a camera. Once you set it up, it can be a source of passive income or sign up, set your rate per hour and give lessons via Skype to your students.

Where to create online courses:

Where to find a job as a consultant or tutor:

Create and sell an app

People are buying apps more than ever. If you have some tech skills, a feel for the market and a good idea, go for it!

How to create apps:

Cruise Ship Crew

Hospitality and entertainment jobs are almost always available on a cruise ship. Jobs will vary vastly, from food service workers, boutique clerks, salon staff, chefs, casino staff, DJs, massage therapists, nurses and more. Salaries range between $800-$8000 per month.

Food and lodging are provided, and you have minimal expenses during that time. You are getting paid to travel to some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Where to find cruise ship jobs:

Cut Hair

Many travelers have worked as hair stylists before they packed their bags. Carry your necessary equipment and advertise your services in Facebook groups (find expat pages in your destination.) You could also hang fliers in busy hostels or advertise your services on Craigslist.


Dropshipping can be a lucrative way to make money, but you’ll need a good internet connection. Sell goods online as a middle man, without ever touching the product. Partner up with a company and sell their products on your website. Whenever someone orders a product from your online shop, you simply pass the order on to your supplier, who will drop-ship to your customer. Your profit is the difference between your product price and the supplier’s price. Research to find items with high-profit margins.

How to dropship:

Finance Consultant

If You have a background in business management, finance or accounting do some freelancing! You could help others with their tax declarations; most people hate dealing with things like that.

Where to find accounting jobs:

Graphic Designer

If you’re creative, skilled in Photoshop or Illustrator and you have a good eye for design and typography, then you should freelance your skills. There are numerous job websites for any skill level, whether you’re a professional designer or a self-taught illustrator.

Design websites, fliers, banners, logos, business cards or graphics for social media. Right now there is a demand for people who can create some appealing visuals for social media.

Websites to find graphic designer jobs:


Harvesting fruit, veggies, fruits, and flowers are a popular way for travelers to earn some money.  Gather olives in Greece, pick grapes in Italy or mangos in Australia! This seasonal job can be a good source of income if you time it right.

To find harvesting jobs:

Hostels and Hotels Worker

Often hostels, hotels and resorts are looking for help. Depending on the place the work can either be temporary (during peak season) or more long-term. Jobs vary from reception and housekeeping to meal help or shuttling people from the airport. Some jobs are paid, others are in exchange for food and a bed.

To find hospitality jobs:

House or Pet Sitter/Caretaker

How about a free place to stay while you explore an area? You might not get paid for housesitting, but it saves you a ton in accommodation. You might have to look after some pets while you are there, but that is an easy trade-off for having a free bed.

Join websites like Trusted Housesitters for $99 a year. It’s worth the membership. You can find anything from romantic farmhouses in Tuscany to swanky apartments in New York. There are hundreds and hundreds of housesitting opportunities worldwide!

Massage Therapist

If you are a certified massage therapist, you can easily obtain a massage certificate while you travel.  Reach out to spas and resorts to get a job for a season.

How to find massage therapist jobs:

Sailboat/Yacht Crew

Fancy sailing through the Caribbean, the Pacific or the Mediterranean Boat owners need crew members to sail around the world with them. Crew assignments are not always paid, but you’ll definitely travel a lot. Working on a sailboat or yacht is a unique experience, and you’ll get to explore some of the most interesting places.

How to find jobs as a crew on a boat/yacht:

Scuba Diving or Surf Instructor

If you have a scuba certification, there are incredible places in the world to scuba dive, from the Maldives to Mexico! Use your skill and experience to teach surfing or scuba diving, while enjoying a laid-back beach life.

To find surf or scuba diving jobs:

Sell T-Shirts online

Print your artwork on T-Shirts! Selling T-Shirts online is a business that anyone can do without upfront investment. You don’t need to be a designer; the best-selling designs are often just simple, funny or inspiring quotes.

Where and how you can sell your T-Shirt designs:

SEO Expert

Help companies and clients rank better in Google search results. If you are a social media expert, this just might be the gig for you!

Where to get SEO jobs:

Social Media Manager

I can’t keep up with my own social media. It’s time-consuming, and most companies do not have the time to keep up with it. But if you’re a social media butterfly, offer your services to companies and help them to run their social media accounts.

Where to find social media jobs:

Teach English Abroad

If you are a native English speaker, teaching English abroad is one of the easiest ways to earn money. Some companies will even pay for your flights and accommodations. Japan and South Korea are paying well for English teachers.

Where to find ESL jobs:

Tour Guide

Apply as a freelance guide at travel agencies that sell tours to travelers. During peak season there is a higher demand for tour guides. Show your passion for travel and your historical knowledge of the region. 

Where you can register as a local/tour guide:


If you can write and speak more than one language fluently, check out translating jobs. 

Where to find translator jobs:

Traveling Nurse

A travel nurse can make a lucrative living. There is a huge demand, especially in Saudi Arabia. You need at least one year of working experience in your area of speciality. Full-time nurses can earn around $30-60/hour. Visas and housing will be provided. The job assignment usually a rotation of 13 weeks and can often be extended by mutual agreement.

Where to find a job as a travel nurse:

Video Editor

If you can turn camera footage into a well-curated video, you can easily find some freelance jobs online. If you already created some awesome travel videos yourself try selling your videos.

Where you can sell your videos or find editing jobs:

Virtual Assistant

Digital nomads and online entrepreneurs hire VA’s to manages daily tasks, such as replying to emails, scheduling appointments, and research. My friends at Small Revolution tell you what you can expect here, including how much you can expect to be paid and the benefits of becoming a VA.

Where to find VA jobs:

Wait Tables or Bartender

Finding a bartending/wait staff job is easy, in touristy areas during high peak season. Show up at bars and cafés and ask if they are hiring. Your chances are even better if there is a new bar opening. If you arrive before the peak season starts and you might be able to score a job that will last the entire season.

Where to find bartending jobs:

Website Developer / Programmer

You don’t need to be a programmer to build a professional looking website. Platforms like WordPress make it super easy to create a website without having any programming skills. If the hotels and hostels you’re staying have a terrible website, offer them to build a new page, in exchange for money or free accommodations for the time it takes you to build the site.

If you are already a skilled programmer or web developer, there are a ton of freelance jobs. They are well paid and in demand.

Where to find website developer and programmer jobs:

Website and App Tester

Make money by testing websites, apps, or interactive content. Payment is around $3-15 per test and usually takes from a couple of minutes to 30 minutes. All you need is software to record your screen, a good microphone and speak fluent English.

Where you can sign up as a tester:

Writer & Editor

Get paid for writing blog posts, newsletters, brochures, press releases, ebooks, copywriting, or editing. 

How to find editing jobs:

Yoga Instructor

Have been doing yoga for some time? Why not teach yoga! Yoga is more popular than ever, and studios are all around the world. Teach at a yoga retreat or apply for a yoga teacher job at a resort.

How to find yoga teacher jobs:


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