Best Vegan Sandwich Spread

I have been looking for a sandwich spread for a while, something versatile and filling. My daughter created this super simple sandwich spread that can be changed up in so many ways.

1 cup quinoa or cuscus mixed with a 1/2-3/4 cup of hummus. That’s it!
Add one ingredient or the other until you get the consistency you like. We like ours kind of thick, a little chunky but very spreadable. I love the nutty, garlicky flavor.

Crazy I know! But hear me out, we tried this a number of different ways. Use it in a wrap, sandwich or on crackers. The possibilities are endless!

Add Old Bay seasoning, minced onion and celery for a tunaless tuna fish sandwich.
Add fresh basil and sliced tomatoes for a caprese flair.
Add avocado, sprouts, tomato, lettuce, and cucumber for a delicious veggie sandwich.
Try carrot/sriracha hummus, roasted red pepper hummus or spicy yellow lentil hummus. Of course, changing the hummus changes the flavor!

Fiddle with spices and toppings until you get whatever flavors you are craving. It’s so easy it’s hard to go wrong!

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