New York City

Float City
This free iOS app allows you to take a tour of often overlooked art, architecture, and history around the city. Lauding itself as an “archive of stories,” Float City offers geo-location tracking services so you can discover hidden artifacts in your area. Participants are given the option of exploring on their own or letting the app create a path.

Official Central Park App
The official Central Park app is voiced by serveral celebrities. The audio tours use the voice talents of celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris, Scarlett Johansson, and Anne Hathaway. You can also experience other walks like the Tree Walk or the Virtual Tour for free.

Passing Stranger
Passing Stranger was created by Danish writer and NYC transplant Pejk Malinovski. He looks into the romantic history of the East Village’s literary scene. Let narrator and filmmaker Jim Jarmusch guide you to places like Allen Ginsberg’s former apartment and the bar where E.E. Cummings hung out. The tour includes location-specific poetry, interviews with poets, and archival recordings. Gifted John Zorn gives us the music. This audio tour takes you back to when writers hung out on the East Village.

Southside Stories
Fill your ears with the history of Williamsburg’s (Brooklyn) south side. Southside Stories is an audio tour of the neighborhood, breathing new life into the culture. Enjoy interviews of real residents struggling to maintain their identity in a rapidly changing community. It’s fascinating.

Stray Boots
If treasure hunting is up your alley, Stray Boots has your back. This tour combines learning with the fun of a scavenger hunt. Groups are given tasks to complete in specific areas, gathering knowledge, and earning points as they go. Stray Boots offers several different experiences in the NYC area, everything from Museum Hunts to Mega City Exploration.

UrbanWonderer is like having a friend who knows his way around the neightborhood. Users view maps with various interactive icons. It allows you to click in order to hear or read short summaries of a location’s relevance. Tours feature either specific neighborhoods or themes.

What are the best city walk apps you’ve discovered? Tells about them in the comments below.

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