Florida Food Find

As most of you that follow my blog know, I don’t eat meat. However, the rest of my family does. We are a family who loves to share our love of travel and food! Every once in a while we accidentally stumble across a roadside find that is just too good not to share.

If you happen to be driving through Navarre, Florida (on the Navarre Parkway/Highway 98) keep your eyes peeled for TOPS Hamburgers. It’s easy to miss but it shares a building with a Circle K.

This little “hole in the wall” is everything you would want in a roadside burger joint. You are immediately greeted with a warm smile and a gracious welcome. For less than ten bucks you can fill your belly with juicy goodness.

My family’s mouths were watering just perusing the menu. My brother pick up double bacon cheeseburger (ask for it All The Way) for $4.69! All The Way includes all the fixin’s..mayo, mustard, ketchup, pickles, lettuce tomato and onion. If you aren’t feeling like having beef, try the fish or grilled chicken sandwich. The fries are so addictive you’ll be a junkie by the end of the meal. Milk shakes come in the classic flavors vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. For dessert, spring for the Fried Apple Bites with the caramel dipping sauce. Your eyes will likely roll back in your head after the first bite, they are so delcious!

Oops! I almost forgot to take a picture before they were all devoured!

The TOPS in Navarre has a few specialty menu items that you probably won’t find at the others. For example, tuck into a mushroom and swiss burger or jalapeno cheese curds.

Navarre also has their own lunch special, a $5 deal. Have your choice of hamburger, cheeseburger, fish sandwich, BLT, BBQ pork sandwich, hotdog or corndog OR 2 hamburger or cheese burgers. The 5 buck deal includes a small fry and small drink.

If you want a table you’ll have to get there before the rush because this little place only seats about 20. Alternatively, you can order ahead and take it to the beach or cruise through their drive through.

You might sniff, “The prices are too good for it to be good food.” But you’d be wrong. This little restaurant is popular with the locals for a good reason. You just can’t beat the quality of their food, especially for the price. The next time you are jonesing for an old fashinoned burger, skip the national chains and roll into this little joint.

Check out their facebook here.
8068 Navarre Parkway, Navarre Florida 32566 | 850.939.7375 |
Open 10a-9p/Sundays 11a-6p

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