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Let dine on discourse, nibbling on morsels of delectable tales of adventure and life-giving plot twists. Nothing beats great company, lively conversations, delicious wine, and a stunning backdrop. I am a mom, traveler, freelance writer, vegetarian (flirting with veganism), and a minimalist. I live in a tiny house on wheels on an island in the Pacific Northwest. I am a keen explorer of the unexpected. Just a wild woman in a mad world.
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If you are planning a trip to China, here are 26 things to know before you go- everything from accommodations to whether or not you should wear a mask in the cities. Accommodations has thousands […]

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Jet Lag

Updated 7/19/2019 One of the downsides of travel is jet lag. Feeling sluggish, unrested, and tired is a terrible way to start any trip. Here are a few practical ways to minimize jet lag before, […]