Author: Lea

Let dine on discourse, nibbling on morsels of delectable tales of adventure and life-giving plot twists. Nothing beats great company, lively conversations, delicious wine, and a stunning backdrop. I am a mom, traveler, freelance writer, vegetarian (flirting with veganism), and a minimalist. I live in a tiny house on wheels on an island in the Pacific Northwest. I am a keen explorer of the unexpected. Just a wild woman in a mad world.
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How We Wear Anxiety​

He wears his anxiety like an outdated polyester shirt, tight and two sizes too small, riding up when he sits down, full of snags and static cling.

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Fury coursed his veins, swelling… pulsing, pumping… Demons of rage dug into him making him bleed contempt. Resentment unyieldingly and savagely devoured his sleep. He clenched his fists, daring anyone to come his way. He […]

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My daughter has high functioning autism. Aspergers to be exact. Every day she is tortured by the possibility of overload, a meltdown, and shutdown. We are very close, closer than most mother and daughters. In […]

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Her Sacrifice

He laid there on the smooth cool marble A mortal sacrifice to her desire. Her fingers… whispered their intentions On his skin…worn and weathered. He tried to block the sound of his heartbeat Just to […]

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She Was Mercy

A shadow of himself, nothing more… Left wrecked and ravaged by doubt. Gargoyles of suspicion scaled his spine, Leaving shards of bitterness in their wake. His heart bruised and battered, cold and calloused. He willed […]

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The Abyss

She sat perched on the edge of the abyss. She cried out but no one would hear her. How she longed to plunge into the darkness, She doubted anyone would even miss her. She tried […]

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The Traveler

He tipped his head back and saw brilliance en masse, Black velvet and diamonds. It made him feel so insignificant and small, A tiny traveler clutching his map of the unknown. Worry, anger, disappointment, and fear […]

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Darkness swallows the sun draping his capes of iciness Over the earth. In the light of a harvest moon The Rukh lands and folds back black wings. The carrion eyes the prize, Tearing and jabbing […]

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He inked her jet lines and shadow to contain what was meaningful. He stained her crimson for love… desire… and power. He injected into her soothing hues of cool cobalt for loyalty and confidence. He […]

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He was all static and noise Complicated by moments of absolute clarity. Somewhere between what he thought and what he felt. Words twisted and bent, Rocketing from his mouth unpredictable and dangerous, Firecrackers in a […]

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His Affair

Words collected on her nightstand like bones in a graveyard, Waiting for a more suitable time to reassemble themselves into The things she meant to say. Would there be a more suitable time to breathe […]

Night’s nimble fingers drag the sun over the horizon
Like a predator hoarding its prey out of sight.
The sun, in its helplessness, bleeds the sky.
Romantics bask in its wounds,
Admiring its shades of anguish.
Uninhibited, the full moon bends her face
And recklessly plunges her velvet tongue through the sky,
Bruising the boy… with a kiss.