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Gavreel He was fragile, fearful and fatigued. She was calm, cool and comforting. He had always been very good at hiding, She had always been very good at seeking. He was a good man, she […]

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Haiku Sunday (92-95)

Oktoberfest My Oktoberfest Began with a mug of beer, Ice cold and frothy. My Oktoberfest, Packed with singing and swilling, Mugs clinking with “cheers!” My Oktoberfest Ended with a hangover, Languishing for days. Bye Oktoberfest, […]

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Haiku Sunday (86-88)

This Haiku is reminiscent of the days of old. The ancient Egyptians accomplished astonishing architectural feats. The also took many of those engineering secrets with them. Besides the 7 wonders of the world (the Colossus of […]