Category: Tiny Living

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Van Life

In the last few years, van life has become popular. As housing becomes increasingly unaffordable more and more people are considering van-dwelling. Van dwelling can simplify your life. It requires paring down your possessions and […]

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Sleeping in a Tiny House

When I moved into my tiny house last January, I worried about how I would sleep. I share my house with my daughter and a one-year-old dog. Now that I didn’t have my own bedroom, what was the likelihood, I would ever sleep again! Sleeping in my own room, in a traditional house was taxing enough, sleeping in a smaller shared space was going to be a real challenge.

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Minimalism and OCD

I often get asked how I became a minimalist and how I came to live in a tiny house. I wish I had a more glamorous answer like I was inspired by Pinterest or it came to me during meditation. The truth is, I have OCD and both becoming a minimalist and living in a tiny house are a direct result of coping with it.