Haiku Sunday (38 & 39)

The May Queen Spring bursts into bloom, Announcing the arrival Of her Majesty. The Summer May Queen, Crowned with glorious garlands, Celebrates new life.

14 Tips for Traveling Europe

Europe has become expensive to travel around. Whether you are on a week’s vacation or a 3 month trip to Europe, you can minimize the impact on your wallet by considering the following tips.

Haiku Sunday (31-32)

In Awe, My Eyes in Wonder See Ornate Cupolas, And gleaming golden onions, Spires for miles. The brocade altars, Byzantine architecture, Befitting a king.

7 Ways to Save While Traveling

You’ll hardly notice the adjustments, but these nips and tucks in your daily budget can really add up. The savings could make the difference between splurging on play tickets, catching a concert, squeezing in one more attraction or not.

Savannah on a Budget

Savannah, Georgia can be expensive. If you are headed to Savannah this week to whoop it up for St. Patrick’s Day or planning a visit this summer, here are a few things you can do to stay within your budget.