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Quinoa Salad

1 C dry quinoa (cooked according to the directions on the package)1 bag spinach (8 oz) (roughly chopped)1/4 C red…

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Curried Pumpkin Seed Summer Squash Soup

It just doesn’t get easier than this. Whether you are in a hurry or just looking to mix it up…

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So good! So easy!

I love coconut milk. I love the creaminess and sweetness it gives to Thai food. This recipe is packed with…

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Creamy Coconut Chickpea Curry

This 5-ingredient creamy coconut¬†chickpea¬†curry with broccoli is delicious. It’s also super quick and easy to make! It’s even vegan! INGREDIENTS…

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Vegan Mediterranean Pasta

For a quick delicious dinner, try this vegan Mediterranean pasta dish. It takes about 15 minutes to make and serves 4. If you are not a vegan you are welcome to finish the dish with some crumbled feta.

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Spinach Dip (Vegan)

Do you want to introduce your carnivore friends to a vegan delight? Set this guilt-free hot dip down in front…

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Island Fantastic Foodie Find

I am fortunate enough to have traveled both domestically and overseas. Apart from the spectacular scenery and welcoming locals, I…

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Vegan Earl Grey & Lavender Tea Cookies with Lemon Drizzle

These delicious, decadent “buttery” Earl Grey and lavender-infused shortbread cookies will melt in your mouth. They make an ideal hostess…