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We hug others when we’re excited to see each other, happy, or sad. Hugging is generally, universally comforting. But beyond comfort, hugging makes us healthier and happier. Here’s how.

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Gavreel He was fragile, fearful and fatigued. She was calm, cool and comforting. He had always been very good at…

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Here I Stay and Wait

Spaces among the stars, Warm beaches near the sun, Save your precious beauty; Cast no light upon my fragile heart….

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Speak No Evil

In a world where bullying is so pervasive, we could all stand to be a little kinder, to be a…

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Why Valentine’s Day Should Matter To Singles

My daughter came home the other day. Someone had asked her what she had planned for “Single’s Awareness Day.” I…

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Haiku Sunday (10)

Valentine’s Day Haikus 1 Take my empty heart And fill the void with sweet words, Conversation hearts. 2 I just…

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You Found Me Among the Stars

I saw You in a child’s eyes, I saw You in her little smile. I smelled You in the rain…

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7 Things I am Giving Up This Year For a Happier Me

Every new year people make a list of resolutions. “This is the year I will lose 20 pounds!” or “This…

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Noxious Needs and Poisonous​ Pals

I know a guy. He’s in his early 40s and very unhappy. I have tried being a friend off and…

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Casualties of War

With heavy lids, in quiet repose, She’s taken captive by Hypnos​. She dreams of her young love away, His kiss,…

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Disappointment is a Self Inflicted Wound

“Murderer!” I cried out. Weeping, I swung into the darkness. Another relationship was dead. It was the fourth in as…