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Gavreel He was fragile, fearful and fatigued. She was calm, cool and comforting. He had always been very good at hiding, She had always been very good at seeking. He was a good man, she […]

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Her Sacrifice

He laid there on the smooth cool marble A mortal sacrifice to her desire. Her fingers… whispered their intentions On his skin…worn and weathered. He tried to block the sound of his heartbeat Just to […]

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She Was Mercy

A shadow of himself, nothing more… Left wrecked and ravaged by doubt. Gargoyles of suspicion scaled his spine, Leaving shards of bitterness in their wake. His heart bruised and battered, cold and calloused. He willed […]

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The Traveler

He tipped his head back and saw brilliance en masse, Black velvet and diamonds. It made him feel so insignificant and small, A tiny traveler clutching his map of the unknown. Worry, anger, disappointment, and fear […]

Night’s nimble fingers drag the sun over the horizon
Like a predator hoarding its prey out of sight.
The sun, in its helplessness, bleeds the sky.
Romantics bask in its wounds,
Admiring its shades of anguish.
Uninhibited, the full moon bends her face
And recklessly plunges her velvet tongue through the sky,
Bruising the boy… with a kiss.